Chat transcript 01/20/2006, Cortexa


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note: JerryDavid3000, jbdww, and Cortexa are all employees for the Cortexa company.

<electron> hey guys
<AutomatedOutlet> hey dan
<AutomatedOutlet> hi kyle
<Chakara> Hi all!
<Chakara> full house...
<JerryDavis3000> Hi Everybody
<electron> hey jbdww
<electron> hi JerryDavis3000
<jbdww> Hey electron.
<AutomatedOutlet> hi jerry
<electron> glad you guys could make it!
<jbdww> Electron. This is a great site you all came up with.
<Cortexa> Thanks for having us
<electron> thanks, it's only going to get better ;)
<Cortexa> Before we begin we are going to start with a brief introduction
<Cortexa> Please read and then we will begin
<Cortexa> just one sec
<Cortexa> My name is Rod Stevenson Sales Director for Cortexa, our CTO and founder Joe Doran is with us as well is our Technology support Jerry Davis
<JerryDavis3000> So everybody, we are here to introduce you to the Cortexa Family of products and answer any questions you might have so lets have some fun
<jbdww> We put an introduction on the forum at the following link.
<Cortexa> Hi Madge
<AutomatedOutlet> hey madge!
<Cortexa> glad you could join us
<mwhistle> Hi...
<mwhistle> Found an email from you guys in my junk mail folder...sorry about that
<Cortexa> I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the Cortexa website and hopefully read some of the documentation
<AutomatedOutlet> from who?
<mwhistle> Cortexa
<ph0n33z> greetings friends
<Cortexa> Hey Corey
<ph0n33z> Hello
<elcano> hi everybody.
<ph0n33z> Is this rob?
<Cortexa> Rod
<ph0n33z> think that was your name
<ph0n33z> rod
<ph0n33z> thats it
<ph0n33z> hehe
<ph0n33z> how are you bud
<Cortexa> very well thank you
<ph0n33z> Has this begun yet, or are we waiting on someone
<Cortexa> We have begun
<electron> for those who just joined us, Cortexa just started their introduction
<electron> go ahead
<JerryDavis3000> We are a little new at this so well just jump in
<ph0n33z> who is all here from cortexa
<JerryDavis3000> Thanks electron
<electron> Makes it a little easier to spot who works for Cortexa
<ph0n33z> Hellow Mr Davis
<ph0n33z> Do you guys mind if I start with a question?
<Cortexa> Since it is hard to present in a forum we will open this to questions
<JerryDavis3000> Austin based company lead by experienced technology leaders - technology leadership from Joe (Motorola background etc) . Business leadership from 2 senior ex Del (Billy ex head of Service marketing in US - Slagter - ex head of Dell Europe - both there from the early days at Dell - Slagter when it was PC's ltd)
<jbdww> My name is Joe Doran CTO of Cortexa Rod Stevenson Sales Director for Cortexa, is with us as well is our Technology support Jerry Davis
<Cortexa> go ahead Phon33
<ph0n33z> Does Cortexa interface with other software?
<ph0n33z> Such as theatertek, zoomplayer, etc
<ph0n33z> or any other software
<smee> OT - sorry - but I had (still have somewhere) an 8MHz PCs Limited AT clone
<jbdww> The Cortexa is a hardware/software solution that talks to other sub systems.
<electron> If you guys don't mind, lets give Cortexa a few minutes to give us some more details about their products, since not everyone is familiar with them
<ph0n33z> sounds good
<jbdww> The Cortexa is BSD based, and acts as a firewall/router/VPN and Home automation gateway.
<AutomatedOutlet> BSD?
<jbdww> Sorry. FreeBSD.
<jbdww> The product is 100% solid state.
<JerryDavis3000> We talk to security systems from Home Automation, Inc., GE Security and Networks and DSC All communication for these is RS232
<elcano> No Elk Products?
<jbdww> Elk is on the list next.
<ph0n33z> should we hold our questions
<ph0n33z> ?
<david0126> Yea!
<ph0n33z> hehe
<ph0n33z> Admins: should we hold our questions until he is done with the intro or as as we go
<Cortexa> Our system is agnostic in the sense that we interface with multiple manufactures for each sub-system
<electron> Yeah give them a few minutes until they are ready for questions
<electron> It gives everyone who isn't familiar with the product a chance to learn about it quickly, and ask questions as well.
<ph0n33z> I agree
<jbdww> The User Interface and setup tools are all accessed threw a web GUI.
<JerryDavis3000> We have a lot of lighting interfaces, mostly two way when they are. Insteon, Zwave, UPB, Lutron Homeworks and Radio Ra, Vantage, and yes even X10
<jbdww> This makes it easy for Windows Mac, and Linux people to use.
<Cortexa> all setup and configuration is very straight forward and simple
<Cortexa> no programming language to learn
<jbdww> We also have other interafaces like touch screens, web-pads, and TV modules.
<Cortexa> all done through drop down menus
<JerryDavis3000> No Software to load or get corrupted either!
<jbdww> You can look at it as a linksys router with HA built in. Just plug it in, and go.
<Cortexa> and once you buy a Cortexa you get software upgrades free for life
<jbdww> The box has 4 RS-232/485 ports and can come with up to 16 more ports.
<Cortexa> very easy to access remotely
<jbdww> You can also have 4 internal video/ or unlimited IP cames.
<jbdww> The cortexa does have a small amount of room to store streaming video based on a trigger.
<JerryDavis3000> We use Triggers for events that are automated, such as Sunset and Sunset + or -, weather conditions, UPB Links, security doors and motion detectors and many others!
<jbdww> Basicly any sub-ssytem that we talk to, you can create triggered events to controll other stuff.
<jbdww> The system can be hybrided to use any combination of lighitng.
<jbdww> We also talk to NUVO and Netstreams for Whole House audio.
<jbdww> And the Cortexa new a built in iTunes player.
<ph0n33z> cortexa new?
<jbdww> I figer this is enaough to get us started.
<Cortexa> We are open for questions
<JerryDavis3000> Accesses Itunes from any machine on the network!
<jbdww> Sorry I ment to take new out.
<ph0n33z> np
<ph0n33z> May I ask?
<AutomatedOutlet> who do you consider your biggest competition?
<jbdww> This is hard to say.
<JerryDavis3000> There are so many, we just keep working on making ours as robust as possible
<AutomatedOutlet> i'm trying to better understand your market
<ph0n33z> Are you targeting the audio/video market?
<JerryDavis3000> mid to high level homes
<ph0n33z> or are you more geared towards HA in terms of security/hvac/lighting
<elcano> How is it better than per instance, Pluto?
<JerryDavis3000> Audio is just one of the many systems that we integrate to give the end user a consistent easy to use interface
<JerryDavis3000> Video is in the future
<jbdww> Our goal is for the mase market say from the $200 to the $Mil.
<AutomatedOutlet> but who do you consider your competition?
<ph0n33z> hehe
<jbdww> We are still heavly learning and working very hard to lower the price.
<ph0n33z> What can we expect in the coming year from Cortexa?
<Cortexa> who would you consider our competition?
<Cortexa> based on what you have read
<ph0n33z> I suppose Homeseer
<bravesirrobbin> Digital Media Research for instance (Offer an all in one solution)
<AutomatedOutlet> It's pretty straightforward. On the retail side the biggest competition is Smarthome. on the dealer side it's worthington
<elcano> Any other interfaces besides serial?
<elcano> What about relays, digital or analog inputs?
<ph0n33z> maybe we should not ask more questions until the previous has been answered
<mwhistle> Exceptional Innovation
<JerryDavis3000> Those are distributors mainly though Smarthome has a lighting system of their own
<jbdww> HomeSeer is more Windows based, and requires software install unless you are talking about there PRO box.
<dwayne> Why sell server hardware too? Your BSD on a DOM module (nice approach by the way) could go into alot of hardware thats already out there.
<mwhistle> Lifeware
<JerryDavis3000> We interface through ethernet as well when possible or feasible
<electron> I would say that the HST PRO-100 is the closest match
<electron> then the Pluto setup
<jbdww> We sell both the hardware/software in one package. We do not sale the software alone.
<JerryDavis3000> We control serial relays in banks of 8 or 16 with up to 4 banks
<AutomatedOutlet> jerry, no, you asked me who my competition was - I was answering you.
<JerryDavis3000> Also we interface to rain eight (mainly for irrigation) up to 2048 zones on a single RS232 connection
<ph0n33z> what about support for 3rd party touchscreens, tablet pcs?
<elcano> Do sell the serial relays or have approved 3rd party vendors?
<JerryDavis3000> Sorry Automated Outlet, I was asking who you thought OUR competition was, thanks
<AutomatedOutlet> oh, i'm not exactly sure because quite honestly i don't understand your product well enough at this point
<JerryDavis3000> We have our own interfaces, but any that will run a browser will work
<mwhistle> How user/dealer customizable is your Web GUI and touchscreen interface?
<jbdww> We do have a Windows CE interface, and a Windows Interface, and comming soon Windows MCE.
<ph0n33z> ok
<ph0n33z> that was my next questions whistle hehe
<JerryDavis3000> Not customizable, We provide a consistent accross all of our interfaces to make it easy for the end user
<JerryDavis3000> Don't forget the Inwall Linux Touchscreens
<mwhistle> I'm just wondering out loud if there's a possibility we could stack MainLobby on top of this. At that point, I could hardly resist.
<jbdww> We are adding things very shortly like TTS, Voice Mail, DVR.
<JerryDavis3000> It's been done
<ph0n33z> easily or
<electron> which TTS engines will you be supporting ?
<jbdww> We also have Global Cahce Support, which you can create your own custom remotes.
<AutomatedOutlet> jerry, are you positioning this as a kind of "modern JDS" type controller?
<JerryDavis3000> Way modern
<AutomatedOutlet> understood
<JerryDavis3000> I used to use that interface extensively
<AutomatedOutlet> i know JDS hasn't updated much in quite a while but I'm still trying to understand the market
<jbdww> Just a reminder, that the cortexa is a full fledge firewall/router/vpn.
<jbdww> I might get in troble saying this, but the router part can compete with cisco very easly.
<ph0n33z> Earlier you spoke of video support. What are your plans for this?
<JerryDavis3000> MASS MARKET, everyone who wants to have an affordable, and reliable way to control everything in the home from inside or outside the house
<jbdww> You can view live and recoreded streaming vido from anywhere.
<Squintz> sorry im late
<Steve2> can you give us more detail on how you would work with MainLobby or the abibility to use other GUI. Do you have an api or serial control. Wouldn't ML need a plugin to talk to your system?
<ph0n33z> How does that work jb?
<JerryDavis3000> Welcome in Squintz
<jbdww> Which brings me to say that you can remotly access the Cortexa from anywere.
<Cortexa> Automated Outlet the people who understand and know about automation the most are high end builders and integrators that know Crestron and AMX
<JerryDavis3000> A guy in San Antonio used a button on main Lobby to call the Cortexa interface
<jbdww> The cortexa supports a list of dyndns so there is no monthly charges to remote access the cortexa.
<electron> I don't agree with that statement Cortexa ;)
<ph0n33z> What whole house audio solutions do you currently support?
<Cortexa> in the mass market most don't know WHA that much
<JerryDavis3000> WE know a little about them:)
<jbdww> electron. Which one.
<electron> about the people who understand HA the most
<Cortexa> let me restate
<elcano> yes, please
<JerryDavis3000> That may be true Electron, I went to a IEEE meeting and half the audience was looking for a job and had automation in thier homes
<elcano> They know how to sell. Thats true.
<Cortexa> Home automation is not something that most people are familiar with
<Steve2> so, you can call the cortexa interface from another system, but you can't use their gui to access your core
<electron> The stuff Creston and such are selling now is stuff that DIY'ers have been doing for years
<electron> they are just making it mainstream, for a lot of money
<JerryDavis3000> Absolutely
<bravesirrobbin> With emphasis on "lot of money"!
<ph0n33z> yes
<ph0n33z> lol
<jbdww> Just an FYI on stablility of the product. I have one that has been up for almost two years with out a re-boot.
<Squintz> Okay I did not miss much and think I am about cought up.
<electron> I run several BSD based machines as well, they are definitely rock solid, uptime expressed in years as well
<mwhistle> Sorry to nit, but who is this guy in San Antonio? I may want to pay him a visit.
<jbdww> Steve2. I am sorry. Can you clearify.
<AutomatedOutlet> can you tell us a little about your UPB support? are you also sending and receiving links?
<jbdww> I have a Sun Sparc that has been up now for four years.
<JerryDavis3000> Many of the things that DIY'ers do are just no comprehensible to the biggest part of the market, they don't have the time or the technical expertise
<Cortexa> madge send me an email and I will give you his info
<jbdww> Once setup, the cortexa hardly ever dies.
<jbdww> Sorry for my speeling. I type faster then my mind.
<ph0n33z> dont we all
<Cortexa> do you still have my info madge?
<Steve2> I get the impression that you can use MainLobby to call up your GUI but not that you can use ML exclusively as the interface to control your system, is that correct?
<Squintz> Cortexa, I noticed in a video that you touch screens were using a very simple text based interface and not much in the way of cool graphics. Is this a limitation of your system or are there better touch screen interfaces available?
<ph0n33z> Mainlobby does nto support HA
<ph0n33z> just the DVD and audio side of things
<ph0n33z> afaik
<Steve2> I know that
<ph0n33z> ok
<mwhistle> Oh yes it does
<ph0n33z> ??
<ph0n33z> forgive me
<jbdww> The way the cortexa is designed, everything boots into memory, and the flash memory is loced for read only.
<JerryDavis3000> Squintz, simple is better
<ph0n33z> Simple may be better for most, but for DIY'ers we like customizable interfaces
<Squintz> I like the gaphics for so i can wow my party guest.
<jbdww> The only thing that gets saved to the flash card is setting,logs, and captured images.
<elcano> But simple does not catch the eye of the mass market.
<elcano> Its kind of DIY
<ph0n33z> If I may be honest, the GUI is the only thing keeping me from choosing cortexa
<mwhistle> Me too
<Cortexa> The most important thing that is customizable about Cortexa is it's unlimited ability to customize events
<jbdww> We try the hardest to do the KISS factore, so it is easy to use.
<ph0n33z> I understand that
<ph0n33z> but why not offer the option for people to create their own GUI?
<ph0n33z> if they choose to
<Cortexa> remember the whole point about automation is to have things happen without having to interface with the system at all
<ph0n33z> We realize it seems like a small thing
<jbdww> Since it acts as a router, we try to keep it hack free, some custom GUI goes away.
<elcano> OK. So please talk us about the events. How is the conditional logic> How do you configure it?
<jbdww> Now the touch screen on the other hand does support skins.
<ph0n33z> it does?
<ph0n33z> *is confused
<jbdww> We just do not have the IDE for the end user yet.
<ph0n33z> will I ever be able to create my own GUI in photoshop for my touchscreens?
<Squintz> I don't mind the text based selections, but I was not happy with the blue background that seemed very old age technology
<jbdww> We are trying to keep the GUI the same from web-interface to Touch screen to keep it simple for the end user.
<AutomatedOutlet> earlier you talked about UPB. Do you also control and receive the links?
<jbdww> Yes. On UPB.
<jbdww> In fact you can import the list from the UPB tool direcly into the Cortexa.
<AutomatedOutlet> so you can act on incoming links to trigger rules and also send out links?
<AutomatedOutlet> that's very cool
<Squintz> How is Z-wave controlled? With what hardware and is it built in to the system or external to the system?
<jbdww> Yes you can. It has 100% UPB support.
<JerryDavis3000> Elcano the logic is pretty much everything you would expect, with triggers for events, conditions on everyline of the macro and ability to run events from another event for subroutines
<AutomatedOutlet> UPB will be required for professional installers
<jbdww> My house is a hybred of UPB Inston, and Radio RA.
<ph0n33z> What about intercom support?
<AutomatedOutlet> radioRA too
<jbdww> I realy like UPB for its linking ability.
<AutomatedOutlet> yes
<jbdww> Intercom is for sure on the list.
<ph0n33z> how would that be implemented?
<jbdww> Yes. Radio Ra, HomeWorks, And Vantage.
<Cocooner57> hello
<Steve2> soCortexa can import your UPB switch network and controll devices directly as well without using links?
<JerryDavis3000> PhOn33z, we are still working on that one, but jbdww will be able to do it when the time is right
<jbdww> We also have weather support via the internet,or weahter davis pro/pro2
<ph0n33z> Will that require an upgraded touchscreen system with a built in mic? OR would we be able to use the older models
<jbdww> You can use the UPB linking tool, to create your links, and then import the file it produces right into the Cortexa.
<JerryDavis3000> Yse to the UPB import, it pulls in all the devices and links and you can call them from a line in a event macro
<Squintz> Can you control Denon, Sony or Panasonic A/V equipment via their serial port protocols?
<jbdww> Squintz Yes, and No.
<ph0n33z> hehe
<Doo> I want to particpate in discussion but need to use PocketPC. Any recommendations
<jbdww> We are fixing to relase a new version that allows you to send your custom RS-232 commands.
<jbdww> And receive RS-232 commands for triggers.
<Steve2> how flexible are your timers - like countdown timers, reminders every x days, etc?
<Squintz> Any RFID in the works?
<jbdww> We are working on srinking our screen down to fit into a pocket PC or Pocket Phone.
<jbdww> We will have both a web interface, and a .net application that will run on the pocket PC.
<ph0n33z> Can we count on these "hoping to release" statements, or is this all still on the drawing board?
<smee> will receiving RS-232 commands include parsing them, e.g., interpret "S1+" as input number 1 (of some board) turned on
<jbdww> The release means it is already done, and needs to be tested.
<Squintz> [21:48] <Squintz> How is Z-wave controlled? With what hardware and is it built in to the system or external to the system?
<smee> without putting in every string "S1+" through "S128+"
<jbdww> I mean hope to release.
<AutomatedOutlet> how long has this system been shipping?
<ph0n33z> What about beta testing?
<ph0n33z> for end users
<jbdww> You can use either the Z-Wave USB device, or the Z-Wave rs-232 device.
<JerryDavis3000> Steve2, All available, as many flags as needed to countdown or set state, as well as daily triggers configurabable to skip 1 to 7 days, weekly triggers for specific days of the week, etc.
<jbdww> We currently have almost 50 beta testers our there right now.
<ph0n33z> Would it be possible to become a beta tester?
<ph0n33z> *hint hint
<ph0n33z> hehe
<Cortexa> We have used Austin as our starting grounds
<jbdww> Send us an email, and we can see.
<ph0n33z> Thanks
<Squintz> Is there any phone support? Could I call into my house and set the temperature with my voice?
<Cortexa> and have started shipping out of state in the past 3-4 months
<mwhistle> I will. I'd love to beta test.
<jbdww> No. Phone support is on the drawing board.
<Steve2> do you use Global Cache like the GC100 exclusively for IR?
<ph0n33z> What about HAL? Is it possible to use that with cortexa?
<Cortexa> it is so easy to access through the internet
<jbdww> Phone support will probably come when we add the Voice Mail support.
<ph0n33z> *feels embarrassed
<Cortexa> you can be in your system in 15 seconds
<jbdww> Right now Global Cache is the only IR. We would love to hear from others what they like better.
<electron> Adding Asterisk for the phone side would be great (similar to the Pluto setup)
<smee> I use a USB-UIRT that I'm very happy with
<JerryDavis3000> Hal can control things that would allow you to trigger any cortexa event
<Squintz> Would it be possible to loan a system to a cocoontech staff member or member for a formal review?
<ph0n33z> So I could use the voice system of HAL in combination with the cortexa brain?
<ph0n33z> *holds his breath
<Cortexa> Squintz send me an email
<Cortexa> We have talked before
<electron> I would prefer to keep this kind of stuff between the company and CT staff
<Squintz> Yes we have
<jbdww> The cortexa is web-based, so you can use web links to control devices, or events.
<Squintz> I get the hint electron :)
<bravesirrobbin> :)
<ph0n33z> So how do the touchscreens interface with the system?
<ph0n33z> Are they browser based?
<ph0n33z> are they instances?
<ph0n33z> what are they actually running
<ph0n33z> or showig
<ph0n33z> showing
<jbdww> The Touch Screen is Linux based, and user interface is writen in c.
<JerryDavis3000> Ethernet connection and Lunix and Windows CE
<jbdww> The touch screen uses the cortexa web-server to control devices, and receives broadcast message for feedback.
<ph0n33z> So could I use any touchscreen that supports linux or windows ce?
<ph0n33z> BAsically, I find the current touchscreen option a bit expensive
<ph0n33z> and would prefer 3rd party options
<jbdww> Not on Linux, but you could use our Windows CE app.
<WayneW> are prices published?
<ph0n33z> yes
<ph0n33z> on the new touchscreen
<JerryDavis3000> The expense is paltry compared to ELAN, AMX, Crestron
<ph0n33z> $1200 I believe
<ph0n33z> around there
<electron> Can you give us an example of a typical setup
<electron> pricing that is
<Doo> Guys, what is the url for this chat?
<ph0n33z> there is one on the site electron
<electron> click the chat button on the CT page
<electron> or use
<electron> (with an IRC client)
<ph0n33z> towards the bottom of the page
<jbdww> Also here is our compatible list.
<ph0n33z> I had a question regarding your example system
<jbdww> The cortexa also supports two years of logs for a typical house.
<ph0n33z> What audio system is included in the $8000 system
<JerryDavis3000> phOn33z, rod will get that one, hang on
<ph0n33z> thanks!
<AutomatedOutlet> none i would guess "Assumes utilization of existing receiver and speakers "
<jbdww> The audio system is NUVO.
<WayneW> I don't see a price list on the web
<ph0n33z> Which model?
<ph0n33z> concerto or
<jbdww> Yes. I beleive it is the Concerto.
<JerryDavis3000> You can control existing IR components with Global cache interface
<jbdww> Yes, or the NUVO system.
<ph0n33z> Is there going to be support for russound?
<smee> I'm calling it a night, guys. One hour of sleep last night has run out. Thanks for the info - I'll leave the chat running so I can catch up in the morning.
<elcano> I dont see specific prices there. Just a table with possible scenarios and a price request form.
<jbdww> Yes. RusSound is on our list.
<electron> nite smee
<Steve2> so those prices, like the $7995 figures in the 'retail' price of the listed system, like the audio figures a Nuvo price, camera figures an approximate camera cost, etc?
<ph0n33z> $7,595 hehe
<ph0n33z> sry
<ph0n33z> lol
<jbdww> I wish we could show off our new touch screen. It is very nice.
<ph0n33z> so do I
<Cortexa> we do not post our prices on the web
<Cortexa> we will send upon request
<WayneW> thanks
<jbdww> The new touch screen has hardly any angle limitations, and you can see it accross the room.
<ph0n33z> If I were to use 3rd party touchscreens, what wiring would be required
<Steve2> I am taking aboutthe approximate cost listed at
<Cortexa> or put together a system that with pricing based on specifications
<ph0n33z> what touch system is it?
<ph0n33z> touch tech
<jbdww> We have our own touch screen. We manufacture here localy.
<ph0n33z> Yes, but what touch type system is it
<ph0n33z> such as
<Steve2> it is SAW
<Cortexa> Steve2, yes that figures in all the prices of the sub-systems
<ph0n33z> o
<ph0n33z> ok
<jbdww> Yes. Thanks you Steve2.
<Steve2> like the elo intellitouch, all glass
<ph0n33z> awesome
<electron> You guys mentioned that the DIY'ers are your market?
<ph0n33z> thats what I wanted to hear
<ph0n33z> hehe
<jbdww> It is an ELO Surface Aqustice Wave touch screen.
<ph0n33z> In order to use a touchscreen, does it need to be a "pc", or can it just be a monitor
<ph0n33z> can you use some type of video card distribution
<Cortexa> yes self installers are very important to us
<jbdww> The cortexa does not have any video out. You will need a touch screen that has either our code running on it, or a web browser.
<ph0n33z> so any tablet pc would work?
<ph0n33z> lol
<jbdww> The VGA port on the back of the cortexa is only used as a console to do things like reset to factory default.
<ph0n33z> aww
<ph0n33z> is there any intention to allow video out in the future?
<JerryDavis3000> If the tablet runs a browser, yes
<ph0n33z> sucha s radio red
<ph0n33z> rad-io
<Steve2> so your TS essentially runs a browser in kiosk mode?
<WayneW> what is the minimum system required to start with and what price?
<jbdww> Our touch screen uses our Code, to talk to the cortexa.
<Cortexa> The Coretxa 7201 is $1795
<Chakara> What about upgrades? If you buy a "low end" version to begin with and want to expand...
<ph0n33z> I do not think there is a low end
<Cortexa> there is no low end or high end version
<ph0n33z> just the 7201
<jbdww> The Cortexa does support unlimited software upgrade VIA the web.
<ph0n33z> I am sorry, I am just not fully understanding the whole 3rd party touchscree otions
<WayneW> how much per Insteon lighting load? is UPB the same price?
<JerryDavis3000> Only two options to original Cortexa, Video and additional serial ports, you can expand to your liking from there
<jbdww> As for as what sub-system, that is up to the end-user. The can add on as the would like.
<Chakara> Well, for example want to add audio zones later, or hard wired cameras
<JerryDavis3000> Easy to add later, any device that we have drivers for or a self configured RS232 protocol soon
<Cortexa> Not sure what you are asking Wayne
<jbdww> You can use a third part web-tablet and use our Windwos CE app, or a Java based web-browser.
<ph0n33z> so what would the screen look like?
<ph0n33z> would it fill the entire screen
<ph0n33z> or be in a window
<JerryDavis3000> All new interfaces we develop will be available as device drivers
<Chakara> cool.
<jbdww> On the CE device, it fills the screen.
<WayneW> the sample pricing mentions 5 loads in one sample and 20 loads in the other... does that mean that the hardware for 5 or 20 loads in included in the price or do you license software by the loads controlled?
<jbdww> On a Windows XP device, it can be either.
<ph0n33z> how many touch screens are supported?
<WayneW> in the same vein, is adding a security system a licensed (paid) option or you just hook it up?
<ph0n33z> the number of touchscreens that is
<Steve2> wayne, i assume the 7201 includes all drivers
<Cortexa> you just hook up the security via serial cable
<JerryDavis3000> Wayne, you can add as many devices as the switch mfg supports, ie UPB upto 250 devices per network
<jbdww> There is not realy a limitation of # of touchscreens.
<Cortexa> yes includes all drivers
<elcano> What ports need to be open to access it from the web?
<AutomatedOutlet> can you run multiple networks?
<ph0n33z> I could just use a switch to add more?
<Steve2> is the web interface the same as your TS interface?
<elcano> What if I want to log in from inside a company with firewall?
<electron> give them time to answer guys ;)
<ph0n33z> I think we are overloading them now
<jbdww> Yes. You can run multiple networks, and it does support VLANS.
<electron> I think they meant UPB networks
<AutomatedOutlet> hey Cortexa - congrats on UT winning the national championship!!!
<Cortexa> HOOKEM!
<AutomatedOutlet> yes, UPB networks
<JerryDavis3000> Web interface and touch screen look the same. We will add the Favorites buttons to the Web Gui in the near future
<jbdww> That is why my color is orange.
<WayneW> ok, i am just confused by the pricing samples... so the difference between system 1 & system 2 is totally the included hardware?
<AutomatedOutlet> hehe
<Steve2> no wayne, a representative price on what HW would cost, assuming retail prices
<jbdww> The reason for the pricing infor on our web-site is to help end user get an ideal.
<ph0n33z> heh
<Cortexa> System 2 has more hardware
<Steve2> so, $1795 for the 7201 + retail cost of all the HW = the $7595
<elcano> Isnt it simpler to include list price by model?
<jbdww> Your web-ste has been mostly for local people wonting to install a ssytem.
<JerryDavis3000> This is a very scalable solution so you start with the Cortexa 7201 and add until there just isn't anything else to control
<jbdww> We are in the process of re-designing.
<ph0n33z> hehe
<ph0n33z> Thats nice to hear
<AutomatedOutlet> can it control my wife?
<ph0n33z> haha
<AutomatedOutlet> i could sell a bunch of those!
<elcano> Can I access the web interface from inside a corporate network using port 80 only?
<pauL> i'd buy it martin
<Cortexa> We are very competitive with pricing on all peripherals
<pauL> whatever the price
<ph0n33z> lol
<ph0n33z> you men
<ph0n33z> hehe
<jbdww> I mint re-designing our web-site.
<Chakara> my system can make my wife start cussing anytime it wants!
<AutomatedOutlet> yep....
<ph0n33z> I had another question about HAL
<ph0n33z> So I can use HAL in conjunction with cortexa?
<ph0n33z> say I setup the schedule and events in cortexa
<ph0n33z> and just usde HAL for the UI
<jbdww> You can access the web-gui from a corporate network using what ever port you wont.
<ph0n33z> voice-commands that is
<JerryDavis3000> Yeah we're working on the wife thing
<WayneW> can it scrape web sites and pull xml data from external web sites, etc? like weahter, stocks, tv listings?
<jbdww> I am not sure how all HAL works, but if you can get HAL to send URL commands then Yes.
<Steve2> <Cortexa> We are very competitive with pricing on all peripherals - now confused
<JerryDavis3000> We pull weather data from numerous sites
<Steve2> so you sell the periperals as well? UPS, Nuvo, etc?
<Cortexa> yes
<ph0n33z> I will ahev to look that up jbd
<dwayne> What would you guys (Cortexa) say is your single, most distinctive competitive advantage over everything else that is out on the market today?
<jbdww> Up till now, we have been selling everything to our local market, but for the nation, we will probalby just sell the Cortexa, and its interfaces.
<JerryDavis3000> Scalable Afordable easy to use and reliable
<JerryDavis3000> Oh did I mention very poerful
<ph0n33z> so we would have to order the sub-systems from other distributors?
<JerryDavis3000> You can buy a whole system from us
<Cortexa> except security systems
<jbdww> The cortexa is like a Linksys router. You plug it in add the device you wont to controll, and your off. There is no software installing needed.
<ph0n33z> I would be 100% sold if I could just make my own gui lol
<Chakara> You should consider imaging one and dropping it on the net and letting people play....I'd like to look around.
<mwhistle> same here, ph
<Chakara> ph0n33z - they said you can skin the remote interface....
<ph0n33z> I was wondering about that
<ph0n33z> could you elaborate?
<ph0n33z> on the skinning
<JerryDavis3000> We will schedule a WebEx soon, so get it touch
<Chakara> ok
<jbdww> The touch screen does support skinning. We just need to create a WYSIWYG interface.
<AutomatedOutlet> that would probably help people understand it a little better
<ph0n33z> so it supports it, but if I ordered it today, I would not be able to skin it?
<Steve2> so, what is your advantage over the Elk M1 besides the firewall/vpn and maybe the camera?
<Cortexa> We are going to put together a series of WebEx presentations that could be accessed at anytime
<Chakara> good, I also want to see the rules engine....
<Steve2> The M1 has the security and can control most of the devices (lighting, HVAC, etc) has touchscreen (soon) and is only $600
<jbdww> You are right. All the skins realy are, are just gif files, with txt files telling where to put the gif file.
<Chakara> can we get to the command line on the box for working on stuff like that?
<ph0n33z> so I could take the exisitng layout and make my own look in photoshop?
<jbdww> Personal I do not like my security system handling my HA. I have HAI, and my went down on me becassue the X10 powerlinc died.
<jbdww> Just my opnion though.
<Cortexa> in the interim we can host a live WebEx demo anytime
<ph0n33z> how does cortexa handle security?
<Steve2> sounds like an HAi problem :)
<Cortexa> If you would like a live demo please contact me
<ph0n33z> I would love one
<ph0n33z> who would I contact?
<ph0n33z> I mean
<jbdww> We talk to HAI,Networx,DSC,and GE Concord threw RS-232.
<ph0n33z> email
<JerryDavis3000> Steve, we have the ELK on our development list as a security interface and will probably be a ble to control anything it controls
<Cortexa> yes email me or contact me through the Cortexa website
<ph0n33z> thanks rod
<Cortexa> sure
<Steve2> will you interface to the Elk via Enet or just serial?
<ph0n33z> So, does the cortexa gui control the security system?
<ph0n33z> security panels are so ugly lol
<jbdww> Probalby both.
<Cortexa> yes, you can control the security system through the cortexa interface
<jbdww> I like Enet because it is fast and saves a serial port.
<ph0n33z> so no need to ever use my security keypad?
<jbdww> For the DSC,and GE products, you get 100% keypad emulation.
<JerryDavis3000> One Cortexa touchscreen gives you access to lighting HVAC security, cameras, weather, and gives you a photo gallery screensaver too!
<ph0n33z> HURRAY
<ph0n33z> hehe
<jbdww> For HAI, you get basic arming control type keypad.
<ph0n33z> ok
<ph0n33z> I was wondering if I could ask a favor of one of you
<jbdww> I have been typing my fingers off. I hope I have not missed any question.
<ph0n33z> hehe
<ph0n33z> I think you have been great so far
<ph0n33z> all of you
<ph0n33z> this is relaly helping to clear some things up
<ph0n33z> I was wondering if you could ifnd out if the HAL software system could work with cortexa?
<jbdww> Ok. We do have a contact to get this information. Just send us an email.
<ph0n33z> are you referring to my question?
<jbdww> Yes.
<elcano> If would be nice if you can bring comparison against close competitors in your next presentation. I'm interested in Pluto, but there are others.
<ph0n33z> awesome
<Cortexa> i have phOn33 info
<ph0n33z> I have spoken with Rod before
<JerryDavis3000> We will see what we can find out about Hal, contact Rod
<ph0n33z> He was very accomodating
<ph0n33z> *hint hint raise hint hint
<jbdww> We have done some comparison, it is just hard.
<jbdww> A break. Yah.
<Cortexa> hard to compare all the systems
<JerryDavis3000> Thank you all for being here, do we have any questions unanswered?
<dwayne> what is the website for pluto?
<ph0n33z> lets see
<AutomatedOutlet> thanks for putting up with us all!
<jbdww> We would love to hear from everyone on what they would like to see the Cortexa to interface with.
<bravesirrobbin> I'm sure there will be some later, do you have an Email reference for future questions?
<ph0n33z> Yes, thankyou so much
<JerryDavis3000> You are very welcome, It is our great pleasure!
<Steve2> Thanks Cortexa
<WayneW> thanks
<bravesirrobbin> Thanks so much for being a guest speaker here!!
<mwhistle> Great to see you here!
<jbdww> You can email use therew our website. I do not spamers to get my email.
<Cortexa> please fill out a contact form on the website and we will answer q's
<elcano> Remember that a CT review would be your best marketing investment. :) I would love to read it.
<WayneW> can your unit piggy back behind another router (such as a vonage router?)
<bravesirrobbin> OK, good to know, there will be a log of this chat session posted on CocoonTech
<ph0n33z> hehe
<Cortexa> who would review the system?
<ph0n33z> Oh, that is a good question. How does it work with wireless routers?
<jbdww> Wayne, You can. The disadvantage is you will loose the remote capability, and the VPN capability.
<JerryDavis3000> We turn off wireless routers DHCP and put them on the LAN
<WayneW> even if I open ports on the primary router?
<ph0n33z> so it utilizes the WAP, without the firewall functions?
<elcano> So, how will it replace my DSL provided router?
<jbdww> You can port forward from the primary router.
<JerryDavis3000> Yes, Mac address security can be setup in the Cortexa
<Cortexa> we can consider loaning a Cortexa for review. Electron please contact me for the info
<elcano> I mean, I dont ever know how to set it up. I just forward all ports to my Netgear wireless router.
<bravesirrobbin> OK Cortexa, we will be in contact with you
<jbdww> The cortexa has routing rules, so you set it up any way you would like.
<jbdww> The Cortexa has a DHCP server, DNS Server built in.
<electron> ok I will
<elcano> Any xAP or xPL support?
<jbdww> The DHCP support mapping spacific MAC addres to spacific IP address.
<jbdww> Or you can have the DHCP hand out an address to spacific MAC address only.
<JerryDavis3000> Basic rules for firewall are setup out of the box, and you can add as many as you want
<jbdww> There is also traffic shapping support for things like VOiP.
<JerryDavis3000> Thanks BraveSirRobbin
<Squintz> BSR, Thanks for the pandora tip.
<jbdww> elcano. My brain is slowing down. what is xAP.
<electron> it's an XML based protocol to communicate with other HA appliances/software packages
<elcano> xPL is a fork of the xAP protocol focusing on simple automation devices.
<ph0n33z> well guys, I have to call it a night. I want to thankyou so much for taking the time to speak with me
<JerryDavis3000> jbdww will be right back!!!!
<ph0n33z> It has really helped me to make a decision
<Cortexa> Glad to be of help
<ph0n33z> Goodnigyht everyone. Goodnight Rod!
<Cortexa> good night
<jbdww> I am back. Clicked the wrong thing.
<electron> wb
<jbdww> Thanks.
<electron> you guys mentioned TTS earlier, any idea which TTS engine you will be supporting?
<electron> Festiva, or one of the commercial ones hopefully?
<jbdww> A port from Linux.
<electron> there is a commercial solution, around $30 per license for regular users, which runs on linux as well
<elcano> Any possiility of supporting Spanish TTS
<elcano> ?
<electron> which would probably be much better than Festiva
<jbdww> hehe.
<jbdww> We have been meeting with some people from Mexico.
<elcano> ATT Spanish is almost real.
<jbdww> Other languages are starting to come up.
<Cortexa> anymore questions?
<elcano> Make sure that you include an engine that support something else than English. Otherwise you will not be able to scale. Spanish and French seems to be obvious targets.
<jbdww> I will take a look into the xAP.
<jbdww> Thank you for the tip.
<electron> I have one, not sure if it was answered earlier, are you guys considering implementing Asterisk for the phone back end?
<elcano> xAP and XPL makes life much easier for you the programmers.
<electron> maybe include an FXO card in the Cortexa box itself
<jbdww> Since the phone back in is on our list, we will look into Asterisk.
<JerryDavis3000> Thanks for the input on Asterisk
<electron> its an incredible pbx package, and if you integrate it directly, allowing one to trigger events based on certain numbers etc, I think you might have a real winner there
<JerryDavis3000> Is it voice prompted?
<electron> suports IVR etc, yes
<electron> check out the Asterisk@Home distribution , it's a CD which will install the entire OS and all the accessories
<electron> so you can play with it
<electron> I have it running in VMWare right now
<jbdww> Nice. I know this is next on our list, so this tip comes at a great time.
<electron> it's totally open source
<electron> but so reliable and flexible that there are enterprise solutions based on this software
<jbdww> VMWare. My favorite tool.
<electron> great introduction/how-to video
<jbdww> So from this chat, what does everyone think of what they saw.
<electron> great system, but from the feedback I have gotten so far, they aren't sure what market you are trying to target (great DIY features, but the pricing is confusing)
<Chakara> Well, if you consider HS's $200 price tag, plus hardware, plus $200 for Windows. I'd be interested in a SW only....
<Chakara> it does sound very interesting. I already have Homeseer so its a hard sell...:)
<jbdww> We do have a solid state system that is not prone to viruses, and spyware.
<electron> I think this would be a great system for someone building a house, include the budget into the mortgage, and after implemeting this, you have a house which is relatively future proof
<Cortexa> that is very typical of our clients
<electron> great for people who are interested in home automation, but don't want to fiddle around (which would mean it isn't really targetting the DIY market as we know)
<jbdww> Since this is a very new product, as time goes, the price will be dropping.
<Chakara> Yeah, i agree electron. Agree'd on solid state being nice.
<Chakara> no shot at bring your own hardware in the future?
<WayneW> is the USB 1 or 2?
<elcano> I would like to see more about the interface. Examples. Technically oriented demo. And also would like to know why it is the best option. How it compares to the competitors.
<jbdww> Our goal is to get it way below $800, but integrators did not like that.
<electron> develop a Pro version
<electron> have the PRO version support the installer type protocols that a regular customer would not use
<electron> should keep both markets happy
<WayneW> any plans to sell through distributors for DIYers?
<electron> HA is becoming mainstream
<electron> HD, CompUSA, they all will be selling it
<jbdww> They already do. So is Best Buy.
<electron> yea
<elcano> The market for integrators is going to become a commodity soon. Not good to focus in them only.
<electron> installers used to be able to force companies to set high prices
<electron> but once this is mainstream, they won't has much power anymore
<JerryDavis3000> 2 USB now
<electron> exactly what I mean elcano
<jbdww> THis is very true. And this is why we are working on cheaper.
<Cortexa> many of our clients are self installers
<electron> you guys should get in touch with Martin
<bravesirrobbin> cheaper yes, but versatility in integration with a lot of systems is important as well
<electron> he is in TX, one of the biggest dealers/distributors
<WayneW> yes, I see it has 2 USB, but is it USB2? :)
<Cortexa> they can buy just Cortexa or full solution including peripherals
<jbdww> Just an FYI. We will be releaseing a 7202. The new 7202 has four USB2, and it is ussing DDR memmory.
<elcano> You said it supports serial and USB Z-Wave. Are those the ACT controllers only? Do you support the new Intermatic z-wave controller?
<JerryDavis3000> We are working on making all subsystems plug and play with Lan cables
<elcano> But you said before you had only one system. So now your are going to have two?
<jbdww> Yes. It is just the ACT. Intermatic is windows only.
<elcano> Or are you replacing the 7201?
<jbdww> We are replacing the 7201.
<elcano> There was an question before about upgrade options. Just as an example for future upgrades, how do current 7201 owners can upgrade to the 7202?
<jbdww> The hardware is pretty much the same.
<JerryDavis3000> Software is identical
<jbdww> You can upgraded the software the same way.
<jbdww> Same way meaning it is using the same software.
<jbdww> The new hardware is mostly to help us get our cost down.
<WayneW> can you do logging (to a database)? such as all security zone activity, all Insteon activity, numeric data (such as temperatures from sensors)?
<elcano> Got it.
<elcano> What are the memory expansion option? Can I just replace the flash card?
<elcano> Is it CF?
<jbdww> You can do logging threw a syslog server that supports a database back end.
<WayneW> so I would need a 24/7 pc for logging?
<jbdww> No you can not expand it on your own. We do have options for larger cards.
<elcano> What database backends are supported?
<JerryDavis3000> Expansion options are built in Video server and additional RS232 Ports
<jbdww> It is using CF, becuse CF is cheaper.
<JerryDavis3000> Lots of logging built in already for all subsystems
<JerryDavis3000> Can set up offboard logging if desired
<jbdww> To store logs other than what is avaliable on the cortexa, you will have to look into using a syslog program.
<elcano> Logging of analog input subsystems (Temp, RH, pressure, etc.)
<elcano> Do you provide the syslog program or I have to program it? Will I be able to integrate programs into the system?
<jbdww> The cortexa only logs data from sub-ssytem devices. But for weather data it does not log this information.
<electron> does the Cortexa support 1-wire device?
<jbdww> You can not added programs to the Cortexa. We did this to keep the system simple, and to keep the support calls down.
<JerryDavis3000> What is 1-wire
<electron> very popular sensor technology, mostly used with temperature/humidity sensors
<elcano> RFID or proximity access card or keyfobs?
<JerryDavis3000> got a link?
<WayneW> Dalas Semiconductor iButton stuff
<jbdww> We do have the RFID access stuff on the list. Our Mexico customer wonts this.
<JerryDavis3000> Any thing that will connect to a supported security system can serve as a trigger input
<WayneW> when we talk about RFID, we usually mean long range stuff (not just 1 inch prox cards)
<elcano> I dont rember if this was asked: do you have support for using an Ocelot as subsystem to control input/outputs?
<JerryDavis3000> We don't have the ocelot on our list yet. We handle this through other means right now and there are some other interfaces coming soon that may drive price down on this kind of interface
<elcano> OK guys. Thank for answering all our questions. Its Saturday here, so I'm saying Hi to my bed. ;)
<elcano> bye
<electron> brb
<jbdww> It has been fun talking to everyone.
<WayneW> thanks for your time, we covered a lot
<Cortexa> If you have any further questions please contact us through our website
<jbdww> We would love to setup a web-demo. So please email us, and we will get it setup.
<JerryDavis3000> Thanks again, we appreciate all of your input and hope to hear from you all!
<bravesirrobbin> thanks again for being our special guest speaker tonight
<WayneW> or if you have a recorded demo that we can start with, without taking up all your time
<Cortexa> we are working on those and hope to have something very soon
<jbdww> We will also do a recoding of it. Just email us and we will give you a link when it is ready.
<JerryDavis3000> We are working on a WEBEX demo to be ready soon
<JerryDavis3000> See ya'll soon
<bravesirrobbin> thanks again
<JerryDavis3000> You are welcome kind Sir