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Dimmable CFL, EBay and UPB


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I tried mini, dimmable CFLs in my garage with an X10 wall switch dimmer. First it wouldn't work at all. I replaced one of the four CFLs with an original incandescent lamp, and all was well until it got cooler around here. Near freezing I could dim, but not brighten. Eventually could not control at all, even from the X10 switch. I decided the garage lights are on for only short periods, so I gave up on a dimmable CFL search and simply went back to incandescents all around. The X10 control works flawlessly now that the CFLs are gone.


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Think I'll pick up a couple and give them a try, I've replaced alot of my lights with standard cfl's and have been happy for the most point. I don't have any lighting control yet but should be getting some insteon and upb switches in soon to start messing around with. I do have a couple standard dimmer switches in the house. My only problem is half of the light fixtures in the home use extremely small incandescent bulbs. As it is my electric bill is sitting around $83 and thats with my 62in projection tv on most of the time and my two large workstations and a couple fileservers running 24/7. Still have a hard time believing my electric bill for my house is about $150 less a month than my bill for an apartment in FL was.


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I've been pretty much solid TCP for lamps and Philips Marathon Classic for R30/40 recessed. The philips bulbs are the only ones that last in recessed cans. They don't buzz at low illumination but do take a minute or so to warm up. The TCP lights buzz a bit but warm up almost instantly. Both brands are about the only CFLs I've tried that actually stack up to their 10-15K hour life claims.

Neither are as cheap as these suckers tho... Guess I'll have to try some out.