Disabling security cameras remotely

It kinda works, I don't want to get in too much depth on this but the viewer comments on the article basically sum up most of the troubles.

This can be compounded as if it's not done exactly right it'll paint a target on the laser emitter, which I would guess is the exact opposite of the desired effect. You basically need to get it to hit a 1/3"x1/3" target after passing through the outer lens, and inner lens no assurances that the camera:

A. Only has 1 imager, if it has 2 they can't both be centered. Really neither can be.
B. It is pointed perpendictular to the front window, this is actually quite rare, it is easier to get the housing in the general area and sweep the cam inside.
C. Only one cam inside the housing, same as dual imager. I often load up with a bullet+box or multi bullet in a housing. (nothing to do with this though)
D. That this is a nice 24 hour cam and the attempt takes place at night, or BW. Most of the junk on eBay wouldn't even be effected much, just paint the source.

A mirror would probably be as effective, a paintball or one with WD40 inside would be far moreso. ;)
Some really good points! I never even thought of the paintball gun method, much easier.
Paintball guns are notoriously inaccurate, however.

I would disagree. I could hit a cam within about three shots from 20 feet. Probably more like 2 shots. Most of the new electropneumatic paintball guns are very quiet due to lack of moving parts and running on compressed air.

The problem is, most camera setups allow someone to move up close in a blind spot (if they know the camera is there), to take a close shot or do whatever other method is necessary to disable a camera.