Dog crap!

That's funny. I re-read the post and it sounds as though I still do it but it's not as much fun. Hum..... No dogs here though. As a kid we lived on a farm and had 5 dogs (Border Collies for herding the cattle). It was so much work I wouldn't even consider a dog again. Add to that the fact that I'm allergic to dogs and you see why I do not have one. We do have a cat but he's an outdoor tom cat. We just got home from a week in Gatlinburg and there he was curled up on the porch. Don't you just love outdoor cats. B)
When I lived in Florida, city codes required you to pick up after your dog, so if we spoke to the offender and they continued, we could complain to the city police or code enforcement officers and they'd make a call to the offender... does your city/town have a doggie doodoo ordinance?
Ok all kidding aside if you want to stop it, you have to make her know you mean business. Get some rubber gloves, and get some of that dog poop. Now you go to her house late one night and you put a little of that poop under her car door handle. Then you leave the picture with a little note on the back. Here are some of my choice notes:

1. "Seems like you left something at my house"
2. "And I thought stepping in it sucked"
3. "Do you smell something?"
4. "I don't fertalize your toilet so don't poop on my lawn!"
5. "Something funny about this picture, just can't put my finger on it"

any others that you can think of, would be great too. If this fails, well then next time you see the person walking the dog. Walk up behind the dog, an with all your might, kick him as hard as you can in the ding-dong. Things should get better then, your lawn will be greener then ever!!
thanks for all the responses. i decided to leave a note taped to the person's mailbox (that said "BEWARE" in big letters so other people would be curious & read it :blink: ) it basically said that the owner was seen walking their dog on the specific date and time and allowed it to do it's business on a neighbor's lawn and left without cleaning it up. it mentioned the exact part of the muncipal code this violated and that the owners can expect to pay a fine or have the dog impounded if this happens again. the note actually stayed on the mailbox for an entire day, so hopefully a little public humiliation will do some good.

i preferred to do this anonymously (& didn't attach screenshots of the activity) in order to avoid what happened before (where another dog owner i confronted kept on doing it in the middle of the night).
I feel bad I missed this, the perfect solution is the 20-CRO-1013 from Contech, its a simple lawn sprinkler with a motion detector. When motion is detected it turns on the sprinkler. It would certainly dampen her view on using your lawn again.