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drill bits


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royalj7 said:
I recently did a refit on my house, so I’ll offer up my $.02. I used a ½†chucked right angle drill and 14V cordless to do all my drilling except for masonry work (used a medium duty corded hammer drill for that). IMO auger bits are hard to beat for ease of use. As mentioned, get a ½†drill, lots of the longer bits at HD and Lowes only come in ½†sizes. I think you could get away with ¾†and 1†auger bits of the long and short type. For home runs you will drill multiple 1†holes, remember to keep them centered in the framing member. A ¾†hole is enough to fit two CAT5 and two RG6 comfortably or double that snugly.

Stay away from the add-ons that make a drill a right angle on. As to renting a drill, that a good solution, but I went to a used tool store, ReTool in this case, and got a used right angle Dewalt for $70 I think. Worked great and now I have on around. Good luck!

Ok guys, I would take your advice. So for the auger bit, I couldn't remember the lengths that I saw. I think the shorter one is 8 inches long and the longer one is 18 inches long. Is the 18 inch auger bit good enough for making holes such as the doing holes in the first or second sub floors? I know that self feed bit are shorter. Can't we use them along with extension so that we make it longer?