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I'm buying a new, partially pre-wired (never enough!) townhome where additional wiring is virtually impossible. The first challenge I'm having is deciding what security system to install, how to power CCTV on the exterior and get the video signal back inside, and finally what HA system to use.

As I'm considering DSC Power 832 Security System and Escort 5580 Voice Assisted Security & Automation Control Module, I'm also considering adding the DSC HS-HC8000 CEBus Interface Home Automation Controller. Sounds like this should be in the Security Forum, but I think it really deals more with HA control.

Does anyone know anything about this DSC line? Let me add that I'm open to and grateful for suggestions, too!
I would avoid CEBus. It has long been deceased. No new companies have jumped on the CEBus bandwagon in ten years, and those that jumped on before that have mostly jumped off. The only place where it received any acceptance was in industrial automation, and that base will quickly be absorbed by wireless solutions.