Elk announces the ELK-M1KAM Single Door Access Module


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Single Door Access Module

The ELK-M1KAM is designed for access control. It is a single door access interface module for use on the M1 and M1EZ8 Control Panels. The M1KAM connects to the 4 wire keypad data bus in place of a traditional M1 Keypad. Since the maximum number of keypads on an M1 or M1EZ8 is 16, the maximum number of M1KAM modules (and controlled doors) is 16, minus any installed keypads. Even though an M1 Keypad can accept a 26 bit access reader, the M1KAM is a more powerful and less expensive access solution. For example; the M1KAM includes a relay (door unlock) output with form "C" dry contacts, making it compatible with most door lock devices regardless of the voltage rating and style (AC or DC). The M1KAM accepts many types of card swipe or proximity readers conforming to the 26 bit Wiegand format. As an added benefit, the M1KAM also accepts Dallas "One-Wire" iButtonTM readers/devices. The M1KAM also has additional inputs and outputs, including: a request to exit (RTE) button or device and a Door Contact (Sensor) input. Outputs on the M1KAM consist of a voltage output for "Door Held Open" Alarm, a voltage output for "System Ready to Arm", and a voltage output for "System Armed". The M1KAM is mounted in a universal surface mount plastic housing with knockouts for surface mount raceways.


  • Input for a 26 bit Wiegand Reader, such as ELK-106055
  • Input for a Dallas "One-Wire" iButtonTM Reader, such as ELK-MA100
  • Heavy Duty Form "C" Relay Contacts for Switching Door Strike Power
  • Low Current (50mA) Switched Negative (pull to ground) Output for "Door Held Open" Alarm
  • Low Current (10mA) Switched Negative (pull to ground) Output for "System Ready To Arm" indication
  • Low Current (10mA) Switched Negative (pull to ground) Output for "System Armed" indication
  • Supervised Input for RTE (Request To Exit) Button/Device
  • Supervised Input for Door Status Sensor
  • Installs in place of an M1 Keypad and operates from the RS-485 4-Wire Keypad Data Bus
  • Four selectable Time settings for "Request to Exit" and "Door Held Open"
  • Hardware Watchdog Circuit
  • Connections: Unpluggable Screw Terminals, 16 Position
  • Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC
  • Current Draw: Less than 30 mA with min. activity, 44 mA fully active
  • Housing Dimensions: 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"
  • Circuit Board Dimensions: 3.95" W x 2.875" H x .95" D
  • Maximum number of access modules and keypads per system: 16