Elk ArmNight mode


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Anyone using the Elk ArmedNight mode?

I decided to put some of my window sensors into the "06-Burglar Interior Night" since that's not tripped during Stay mode, so we can open/close windows during the day if we opt to put system into ArmedStay.

I'm wondering how you have chosen to arm the system into ArmedNight mode. Did you use one of the F(x) buttons? Auto-arming?

I setup a CQC screen to do this, but would like to do this via the keypad as well.
I might be missing your point here, but I just cycle through using the stay key on the keypad (i don't want to give up the "F" keys)...

you have the option of choosing the stay modes allowed to scroll (there's also a dedicated option to allow a change in the stay mode if the system is already armed (i think that's what you want in your case) - see area definition in Elk RP or system setup...

hope that helps...

P.S. back to first question, i am using it for for a slightly different purpose (but same concept). i've used the same definitions for my motions in the outbuilding... When armed-night, i want anything in that building (perimeter/entry/motion)to alert me - same thing you're looking for on the windows... (i currently include both sections of my outbuilding in the same single area as the house - other wise i wouldn't need to do this)