Elk Compact Echo Spkr fried? M1G 13V.

Just installed a Elk-73 compact echo speaker (20W, 8 ohm) on output 2 of an Elk M1G. This was the only speaker on that output. It lasted about 2 days and then gave an OUTPUT 2 error on the panel. Sure enough the speaker now measures 1.4 ohms vs. the 8 ohms I measured prior to putting it up. The supervisory voltage seems sky high at 13V. Is this normal for output 2? That seems high to run into a speaker. Is that what fried the speaker? The speaker does even seem to have the burnt wiring smell too. Great... Anyone deal w/Elk on returns or how to? I bought it around 12/06 or so.

PS: I also need to return 2 GE NX-454 compact door contacts. Bought 12 and one did not work & one failed after about a week. Very happy w/ them other than that. Very compact... Impressive. Anyone deal w/ returning items to GE directly vs. thru the vendor?
On the ELK-73 connected to Output 2 on the M1, was the M1 set for siren output or voltage output. If the M1 is set for voltage output on Output 2, that would explain the speaker opening. A speaker should always be set for siren output. There are self contained sirens that are driven with a DC voltage level where Output 2 would be set for voltage output.
It has always been set to siren & I just checked RP and it still is. The speaker was working as a siren (only used it once to test) & it sounded as a siren so I know that is correct (since it does not have a driver board in the speaker). What is the supervision voltage suposed to be? Is 13V correct?

This happened after I took the 2 existing speakers off and put them on a separate amp and put the amp input and this new speaker on Output 2. The amp input is about 5K ohms I think. Since I set it up about 1 mo. ago, Out2 always measured the 13 v and the original home alarm 2 speakers were not damaged. They still measure 4 ohms in series. This wiring set up should be correct?

The Amp is set for high input which is labeled as 1V vs. low, 250mV. I have not set the alarm off with it like this. Do I need an added resistor for the amp input? If so, what ohms rated? I just put an 820 ohm resistor on the amp input to be safe.

Can someone pls post what voltage they read on output 2 (Elk M1G, siren driver mode)? TIA
maximusbraveheart said:
Can someone check the voltage on their output 2? Thanks!
Output 2 in supervisory mode is 477.2 mv. In alarm mode Output 2 is 6.8 to 7 volts into an ELK relay.
Thanks rfdesq!

Wow guess mine is messed up somehow. With ouput 2 unplugged it is reading 14V! 12V w/ the resistor in place plugged in. I went into RP and switched to voltage output hoping it will fix itself. No difference. Still 14 V. Switch it back to siren; turn it off, and run alarms and still 14V.

Anyone heard of this? Any way to avoid sending the whole board in to Elk? Anything I am not thinking of?
It turns out my board is bad since the strobe flashes all the time.

FYI on the voltages from Elk (which does not seem to match the 1/2V rfdesq measured). Not sure if that has changed at some point?:

Output 2 on the ELK-M1 Gold is a Supervised Output --- you will see approximately 13.8 VDC across the “+” and “-“terminals without the 2.2K resistor in place regardless if it is set for “Siren” or “Voltage”. With nothing connected to Output 2 the M1 Keypad should display “Output 2 Trouble”. With the 2.2K resistor across Output you should read approximately 2.4 VDC. xxxxx...

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I had the exact same thing just happen to me.  I set off the alarm (the ELK-73 speaker did it's siren noise off of OUTPUT 2) and when I turned the alarm off, I had an OUTPUT 2 TROUBLE condition.  I googled the issue and came across this thread - I checked my ELK-73 speaker and sure enough it is fried.  My multimeter shows infinite resistance between the posts on the speaker and it has a nice burned electrical smell to it.  Elk RP still shows that OUTPUT 2 was set to SIREN and not VOLTAGE.
I was using OUTPUT 2 successfully for the past couple of months as I am not using the voice announcements so to ensure they stayed off I didn't have anything on OUTPUT 1.
I have an email into my distributor to see how I go about RMA'ing the board (only installed it in November).  I'll admit I am a little bit nervous about hooking up a speaker to OUTPUT 2 again - I was just about to order another ELK-73 to add another speaker to OUTPUT 1.  I have tried everything this thread suggested (jumpering OUTPUT 2 with a 2200 ohm resistor etc.)  As was noted above, I also find it odd that the supervisory voltage would be nearly 14V (which is what I am still getting).  Could that have contributed to the speaker's demise?  Obviously others have speakers on OUTPUT 2 without any issue but I thought I'd pass this on.