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ELK Configuration....


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I use an output for anything that should only run for one second... it's just one output

Let me understand this. You have one output that only ever runs for one second, and when it expires, it kills a whole handful of other outputs?

That's pritty-durn clever if so. If you arranged it so that there is no chance of simultaneity, so no interference, or take the probably minuscule chance of that happening, then I think you have some nice economy nice simplicity in your rules. You a programmer, or something?

What are the conditions where this will work?


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Don't forget to initialize any outputs that should be on most of the time like a fish pond circulating pump upon power up. Should the M1 have a processor watchdog reset, a powerup rule needs to initialize the outputs.


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I haven't put too many things on that yet, but just to start with - say the big garage door is on out17 and the small one is on out18 - whenever either out turns on, it turns on out 206 for one second. Whenever Out206 turns off, it turns off ou17, out18, out15, etc - I thought I might expand it with the voice module or other places where I'd never want the output to do anything more than pulse. I haven't gone too far into that with other functions, but the inherent lack of a momentary pulse option just seemed like an oversight, so it was one of the first things I put in with that method.

Collision just seems so incredibly unlikely that it's not a concern to me - even if two things triggered in the same second, they'd both be turned off within 1 second - which is generally my desired result.

I'm not a programmer any more, but I have a background in programming, Business Analysis, Networking, Telecom, and just about everything else IT or IT management.