ELK Keypad Optional Zone Input and Output?

because of the small size of my house I opted to put the keypad in the hallway on the other side of the kitchen, I opted to use the input for the motion detector on the other side of the wall, just extended the wires up the wall a few more feet and bingo.
Spanky said:
If connecting a relay directly to the output, it is advised to add a reverse 1N4001 diode across the relay coil with the banded side going towards the Output wire on the keypad. The diode kills the reverse transient that the relay coil generates upon turn off which could damage the driver transistor.
Thanks, didn't know that. Since there's no appreciable current that I'm switching in my case, I'm using an extremely small relay (this one). Since this has such a small coil, and since a reed relay doesn't even have a real pole to create much of a reverse transient, doyou think a diode would still be necessary in this case?

I used the reverse-biased diodes with my equally small relays. An appropriate diode costs a fraction of what it would cost to send my system back to Elk for repair, and that ignores the price of the repairs. Cheap insurance; simple to install.

Like Mr Murphy, I have a KP2 next to my bed, but it is set to turn off LEDs after 60 seconds of inactivity. One of these days I'll connect an LED to the output circuit to alert me to look at the display.

Murph, love the mousetrap. I use live traps because of pets, but I could wire them so the victim is still alive by the time I find it. It makes it so much easier to clean the trap to prepare for the next victim. Hmmm, I don't recall seeing "mouse" or "rodent" in the M1's vocabulary. Perhaps I'll have it announce "Visitor violated!"
lmao! That mousetrap is perfect! I know we have the occasional rat problem here, and that would be the perfect solution to know when the one in the attic went off!

Suddenly I'm wishing I had added a wireless receiver on my elk - could've used one of those wireless contacts that lets you wire an external contact in then placed them anywhere - wirelessly!
WayneW said:
Right click on "Inputs (zones)" and select "new input expander", then enter a 1 and 13 to create the expander used by the keypads.
sorry to revive such an old thread, but I am looking to use the keypad's optional input/output as an output to bridge the contacts of my garage opener, can I just select ouput 193 (keypad address 1) from the rules and use it? i didn't see a way to add additional outputs like you would inputs.
also, would I need to install one of the reversing diodes (?) that someone mentioned if I'm running the wires to the garage opener? or a relay maybe?
soccerob said:
sorry to revive such an old thread
You know it's wrong and yet here we are!  Why?
Output 193 needs to be connected to a relay.  The NO contacts on the relay connect to the GDO control.  Rules can then be used to open and close the door.
Open a new thread if you have questions.