ELK M-1 Gold Night Arm

Hi all I am New to Home Automation. Thanks to this forum I feel I made the right choice picking the M-1. Thanks to all for the info here. I have been able to get all my answers just by lottering here.

One answer I can't find is this :

I want to disable the motion sensor upstairs when I arm night. How do I do this?

I have ElkRP But I can't find a switch anywhere.

Many Thanks in advance

I would think you would just define the zone that motion is on as a Burglar Interior Zone. See Page 30 of the M1 install manual.
As Steve said, program the motion detector zone to an Interior Zone. When the M1 is armed into the Stay or Night mode, the motion detector zone will be taken out of the protected area. When the M1 is armed into the Away mode, the motion detector will be in the protected area.