Help with DB1HR and Termination


I am really struggling here and this seems like it shouldn't be this hard! I just have 2 keypads, each which will be home run to the ELK. I am working on a test bench right now and connected each keypad to the DB1HR on its own data bus. I have both keypads terminated with jumpers.

I have tried terminating each JP2 and JP3, both, JP3 on the control (with both JP2 and JP3 terminated and not). JP1 on the DB1HR is terminated. No matter what I do, I cannot get more than 1 keypad to enroll. I have enrolled just one keypad but as soon as I connect the 2nd and try to enroll it says 1 enrolled only. I believe I am following the correct instructions on how to enroll the 2nd keypad but maybe I am following the wrong order of operations? I am convinced its the jumpers, but honestly I feel like i have tried every possible combination of possibilities and still get the same issue.

I plan to add a 3rd keypad as well, also home run, so what would be the jumper config for 1 keypad per data bus?

Thanks in advance for the help.. this is driving me insane!
While not entirely confident.. I was finally able to make some progress and manually assign an address, manually enroll and get it into ElkRP. So fingers crossed...
Sounds like more of a keypad config issue than a bus issue.
As you discovered, for each additional keypad you need to manually assign the address on the keypad and do an enroll.

Copied from KP2 instructions:

SETTING THE ADDRESS: From the factory all keypads are set to address 1. Valid keypad addresses are 1 to 16. The first keypad on the system (Keypad 1) is automatically enrolled upon power up. Each additional keypad must be assigned a unique address and then manually enrolled from Menu 1 - Bus Module Enrollmentî. (See M1 Instruction Manual, Menu 01, for complete instructions on BusModule Enrollment)

1. Press and hold the " * " key for 10 seconds until the LCD displays:Exit when done. F1 Set Addr. (This is Keypad setup mode)NOTE: This mode may also be accessed by removing power from the keypad (unplugging the data bus cable) and thenapplying power while holding any key pressed.
2. Press the F1 key to display the current address setting,
3. Set the desired address by entering a number from 1 to X.
4. Press the Exit key when done.

ENROLLING:1. Press the ELK key, then press 9 (or scroll up) to display 9 - Installation Programming. Press the RIGHTarrow key to select this menu. The Installer Program Code (PIN) must be entered to access this menu.2. Enter the Installer Program Code. (See M1 Manual for the default Code)3. The first Installer Programming menu displayed will be "Bus Module Enrollment"4. Press the RIGHT arrow key to select this menu. "Enrolling Bus Modules" will display5. The M1 will transmit an enrollment message to all data bus devices, following by a display showing the totalBus Modules that are enrolled. To view the enrolled devices and/or remove a device press the RIGHT arrowkey to select Edit mode.6. Press the * or Exit keys to exit Installer Programming

See the attached diagram for the DBHR.
If you only have a DBHR card connected to the ELK ...
"If using 1 M1DBHR place jumper on JP1 of the M1DBHR and JP3 of the M1 Control"
Then if you only have 1 keypad connected to a branch, terminate the keypad and terminate the DBHR branch (JP2,3,4 or 5).
(branch 1 example on the diagram)

double check your cabling and terminations and you should be good.


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