Misbehaving wireless glassbreak device


Hi again everyone -

First, thank you for your help thus far. It's only because of his help that I have been able to get the system essentially up and running with minimal trouble! I have the most of about 30 wireless zones set up and working (minus a few nonfunctional sensors which I discovered in this process), have to keypads in, have programmed with ElkRP and even created a few rules to notify opening and closing of my non-alarmed garage door zones.

I do have one issue that has come up however.

I have a wireless glassbreak sensor (Interlogix / GE Security 60-873-95 / NetworX NX-488). It enrolled with no issue. For a few hours everything appeared to be kosher. However last night it went into a faulted state and has not returmed to normal. I remove the cover to trip the tamper again, removed and replaced batteries, all with no change.

My only other thought is to delete and re-enroll the device? Or replace the device. It's not really clear to me what's going on and why it's showing faulted for apparently no reason. Is there any other way to reset it?

A small second question - we use the door chimes because we have two young kids and want to know when they're exiting. We'd like the door chime to sound both on open and close of the doors. Elk appears to only alert on the opening. Is there a way to change this?

Thank you all again for your help, I'm only as far as I am with this because of the advice I got here!