ELK M1 and EZ8 Software Upgrade


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New Elk M1Gold, M1Std, and M1EZ8 application software upgrade, version 4.3.8, is now available from the M1Dealer Site for download.

This software upgrade adds enhancements and resolves several issues in the older versions of the M1 software previous to version 4.3.8. A list of the enhancements may also be downloaded from the website.

The upgrades also include the ELK M1KP Keypad and the M1XSP Serial Port Expander.

SPECIAL NOTE: This version of the M1 Control Software upgrade erases and sets the EEProm Memory in the M1 Control back to factory settings. This will be noted by the status LED blinking 4 times after downloading the new software upgrade to the control. When the status LED returns to a single blink, you may then restore the M1 control's custom program settings with a complete download from ELKRP Upload/Download Software. Make sure you have uploaded all the M1's program settings to ELKRP before updating the application software.

Keep in mind when installing Version 4.3.8, that all the control functions and EEProm is reset to factory settings. This includes the Chime is turned off, bypasses are removed, the burglar system is disarmed, and the day/night mode is set to DAY which will be set to the proper day/night setting at the next dusk/dawn time. You can enter the ELKRP status screen to rebypass and rearm the system. This may be a factor to consider if remotely updating the software using the M1XEP.

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This would be great if I could actually get my confirmation Email and download this sucker! :) Is this a manual process (confirmation of the account)? It is a Friday night, but I'm pretty disappointed that I can't start using this product. ;)


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Send an email on it, there was a delay with mine due to some problem with the same email, but once I sent the email it was taken care of very quickly.