Elk m1xep fails to get m1cloud id – connection required


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HI all,
This question is regarding the elk m1 alarm panel with a m1xep ethernet expander.
I’m trying to use the “obtain account id” function of the m1xep so that I can use remote control of my m1 panel.  When I hit the button it throws an error “connection required”, “to obtain an m1cloud id for this account you must be connected to the system via a network connection”.  This occurs with a connection established.
This error seems to refer to a connection between the m1 and elkrp, so I disabled desktop firewall and antivirus, no change.  I have also reviewed my firewall settings on the edge router (usg) and can find no restrictions that would block elkrp or the m1 from routing outside my network.
I have installed that latest bootloader and firmware for the m1xep and the latest elkrp software.
The panel has been operating fine for about 10 years.  I can connect elkrp to the panel via network connection and configure anything I would like and view status.
ny help would be appreciated,