(Elk M1G) How to exit silently?


My wife leaves the house much earlier than I do, and she needs to disarm the system, and then rearm it before leaving.
When she does this, of course the voice says 'Area 1 disarmed' and then 'Area 1 armed stay mode'.
Our old system, she was able to disarm/arm the system in silent mode (so it won't wake me up and ruin my sanity).
Is there a way to accomplish the same thing with the Elk M1G?
The keypad is the M1KP2. 
It's all in your voice options.
IIRC you can silence any line by inserting a blank in the beginning. A blank tells the system to stop.
You can control the times which non-alarm voice messages are played. Mine are turned off between the hours of 8 & 8 which takes care of the issue.
You can assign an F-key to do it once.
...plenty of options :)
The exit button can be pressed when she leaves in morning while Elk is in stay mode. This forces Elk to countdown from 60 seconds – this mode is used for taking out trash. There might be some ElkRP configuration changes required.
With the Area options of Auto Stay Mode after exit time if no violation, Restart Exit Timers,  Single keypress quick-arm, and Allow Stay key change if armed are all checked there are some bugs in the M1 (also the exit/entry door in the following examples is configured as Force Arm - not sure if any of the stated settings play a role in the following behaviors or not).
Pressing exit while the system is Armed Stay will indeed give an exit time countdown so you can exit.  However if you want to take out the trash (as mentioned above) you have to leave the door open.  If you close the door after you and then re-open it, to come in, even with the exit countdown still counting, the system will go into entry mode with a steady beep and will require you to disable the alarm (and then reset it). This behavior makes the exit function only useful for exiting with the alarm on and not returning within the exit time (no quickly taking the trash out or dumping the recycle into the garage).
One other issue is that if you let the exit timer run out with an entry door open it will immediately set off the alarm.  No entry delay and no Output 2 siren delay just instant full blown alarm.
So if you go to take out the trash and leave the door open (so that you don't have to turn the alarm off and back on when you come back in - see above) and you take too long.  Bam full alarm and the kids and neighbors are all up.
Also sometimes when you press the exit key you get an "error" tone from the keypad and nothing happens.  Then press it again and it will give the exit time countdown.
Unless these are new bugs I would have thought a system this old would have these kinds of bugs worked out by now.