ELK M1 Arm Exit


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A few months ago I had a Bosch alarm replaced with an M1 Gold. I understand that with zones violated (even if they're Force Armable) you can't press the Exit button on the Navigator and need to enter the user code to arm and this will bypass all the open zones. I read in a another thread, this is so the user acknowledges there's some zones violated. This is fine but this behaviour isn't consistent.
If I Arm Stay the alarm and disarm during the delay timer, I get a little clock symbol at the top left of the Navigator keypad. During this time, I can press the Exit button (with zones violated) and the system will Arm Away. Once this little clock symbol disappears from the top left, I can no longer Arm Away.
I think this inconsistent behaviour is odd because if the system doesn't allow Arm Exit with any zones violated, that should be the case across the board.
Any explanations on why this is so?