ELK M1 Gold Alarm will not arm!

Just recently my ELK M1 Gold start to have a mind of its own. Intermittently when pressing the arm button on any of my 4 M1KPNAV keypads the alarm system doesn't arm and the system announces "Area 1 Disarmed". This happens when attempting to arm the system in any mode, EXIT, STAY, NIGHT, etc. When attempting to set it again at another time it works fine. I have a Universal Devices ISY connected to the system and has been for years. The only thing that was recently done was upgrade the ISY's firmware. I wouldn't think upgrading the ISY could effect the functionality of the ELK M1. I have not tried removing the ISY yet to see if that is whats causing the issues.
I also cycled the power on the ELK M1 with no change in the malfunction.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?