Just getting started - a question about remote arming


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Hi all:
I'm just now getting around to fully enabling and implementing my OmniPro II panel as a DIY project.  I acquired the gear over many years, and I've been able to do a lot already, thanks to the quality of the documentation the generous contributions to this forum by many of you.
I have a few lingering questions, though, that I plan to ask here.  Here's the first one.
It looks like there's no way to remotely arm the system in Away mode, because to do so you have to temporarily violate an Entry/Exit zone.  Do I have that wrong?  I'd like to be able to remotely arm in Away mode, either with a keyfob after I've left the house but am still within the wireless range in my car, or through software, or by phone automation.  It's possible to arm in other modes remotely, but I think they will all ignore zones that are configured as Away Int, which is the recommended configuration for motion sensors.  True?
Put another way, how can I remotely arm the OP to be triggered by both perimeter and internal motion sensors?


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Hi there,
This is a setting in Arming, Unvacated Premises'
If this is set to yes, when arming Away or Vacation mode, will trigger day, as no entry exit zone has been triggered (therefore nobody left the house)
Set this to No, and that should sort you out!