Elk speaker configuration

Remember also that that the speakers are only announcements. True you will get the Burglary and Fire messages through them but I think a good design will also have other sirens in place. I like the little piezo screamers. You can put several of them around the house and they take very little current but produce almost ear bleeding noise. These would work strictly off the Elk and battery so if you did lose Nuvo / Output 1 you would still have the sirens going off as long as the Elk was going and with very little current draw would last alot longer than a regular siren. And trust me, in the middle of the night those little piezos will wake up the dead and would be much more likely to wake me up than the speakers themselves. Now that my Nuvo is pretty much done the next project is the relocation and redesign of the M1 and that will definitely include some of these piezos that will go off during fire and burglary. Follow the KISS principle...
They are the Moose MPI-47. BSR (he has to get original credit) first talked about them here. I prefer the form factor of the 47C, but AO sells a similar device. If you search for 'piezo screamer' you will find several threads with more info.