Smoke detector locations


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I'm roughing in the smoke detectors on a new build. This house is outside the city limits, and the county does not do inspections.

There are three bedrooms, none of which share a hallway, i.e., two are on opposite sides of the first floor and the third is upstairs. Each bedroom will have a smoke detector just inside the bedroom door on the 10' ceilings, as shown by the red dots in each drawing. The detector in the guest bedroom will be at least 36" from the nearby HVAC return airs.

Note that the stairway shown on the guest bedrrom drawing is wrong. It has been "flipped" side to side such that the first floor landing is on the left side of the stairwell as shown on the upstairs bedroom drawing.

I'm wondering about the smoke detectors in the hallways and upper landing that lead to bedrooms. I understand that there should be detectors in hallways leading to sleeping areas, but these hallways are so small/short, it may be difficult to find a suitable location away from the RA's and light fixtures on the first floor.

For the stairway, should I have a detector in the first floor landing area in addition to the detector in the hallway? Will a detector in the location shown on the upstairs drawing suffice for both the stairway and the landing/hallway?

I've noted where I think the detectors should be. Comments?



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