Elk speaker output


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I've got my house wired for Nuvo Grand Concerto and am installing all the speakers but don't have the Concerto yet. I'd like to hardwire the speakers to the Elk for voice announcements, etc. for the time being. I imagine I need an amp of some kind but what's the easiest / cheapest way to do this until I get the Concerto and can just use the M1 as one of the sources?

The speakers are all ChannelVision Aria. There are a total of 8 8", 4 5.25", and 1 9" dual coil.
However you slice it, you are going to need to keep the total impedance to around 4-8 ohms. The M1's Output1 is amplified but will have a hard time driving that many speakers at any real volume. Why not just hook up certain key speakers for now until you get the GC?
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but you should be able to take the output down to line level as described here and then run it through a larger amplifier/receiver.