Elk & W800


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I am curious has to how the Elk handles reception of signals from the W800.

Scenerio 1:
If I do not have a X10 device programed in the Elk for address A2 and the Elk receives an A2 ON from the W800 what happens? Does the Elk transmit the received code to the powerline? Will the received code also be sent out the serial port for logging purposes or for use by external programs?

Scenerio 2:
I have seen a screenshot of a rule setup for the DS10's using a string match on the unit code. Can the signal be echoed to the serial port without the use of a rule?

Right now, the M1 will relay any X10 code it receives onto the powerline (this can not be turned off at the moment). While it can be a problem, it allowed me to move my W800 to the M1, while still triggering my HS events (just a little slower of course), without having to do any programming.

The DS10A codes can not be retransmitted to the main serial port. You definitely would have to use a rule to turn on/off certain outputs to indicate the state of the DS10A (which is what I do).
Will the X10 codes be echoed out the serial ports? Will the DS10 codes be echoed out the serial ports in a furture release?

the M1 does report when there is a PLC status change, so you would see the change on the main serial port (only). As for echoing the DS10A codes, not sure what benefit it would give you, but that would have to be a feature request I guess.
electron said:
Right now, the M1 will relay any X10 code it receives onto the powerline (this can not be turned off at the moment).
Wouldn't this flood the power line with X-10 signals, especially if you have any X-10 wireless motion sensors (just like the older powerline X-10 receivers such as the RR501)?

Hopefully you will be able to turn this feature off in later firmware revisions.
Unless you are doing foxtrot in front of your motion sensors, it shouldn't be a problem B)
Well doing a foxtrot in front of my motion sensors wont be a problem, wife says I have two left feet. B)
I nominate Electron to be the official W800 Guru for the M1. He knows more about it than we do. B)
Any plans on being able to disable a received code from being transmitted onto the powerline that is received from the W800?

Yesterday things got a bit windy here and the motion sensor I have on my front porch was so active yesterday that it sent out ON commands every 10 - 20 seconds.