Elk XEP not taking IP address from Router


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I have successfully connected to the XEP with a crossover cable. I have configured it to use DHCP and I see the MAC address in my router. It will not take an IP address though so I can not access it through ElkRP over my LAN. I can't enable port forwarding without assigning an IP to the port and if the XEP is not taking an IP, I don't know what to do. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

It comes from the factory with DHCP enabled however if it can't obtain an IP from your router it will default to

What is your network addressing scheme? Are you filtering on your router? Is your router firmware up to date?

If you still can't get DHCP to work then assign an IP Address to your XEP through the RP software.
I dont think the XEP requires a crossover cable. A traditional one will work (at least I don't remember making the cable a crossover cable when I connected mine). That might be your problem.

Your idea worked. I set static on RP and pushed that to XEP. Connected and took an IP. Now I have forwarded 2601, 21, 26, and 80 to and it still can't seem to make the connection to the XEP through the LAN. Am I missing a port?

You can use a crossover cable to link directly to the XEP from your laptop. If you go through your LAN, you don't need one.

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Is it the LAN or WAN connection your trying to get? What is your default gateway address?

If LAN try typing this address into the browser "" or "".
if it drops some ping requests, I would try a different switch port /switch, and even a different cable. I usually only see these errors when there is a speed/duplex mismatch, or a bad cable.
Port 2101 is non encrypted. If you are using that port make sure your router is opened to pass it through.

M1XEP documentation has the proper ports to open in a router.