FedEx Bandit

[waving fist in air]damn it!![/waving fist in air] i wanted to see this ass get busted!!
u never know tho, he/they may be back. and if it indeed was NOT the same person, then you know the other will be back.
Wow... Just wow. The boxes in the back, the I just got out of jail line... This guy is clearly in the stealing deliveries line of work. You really need to hound the police to get on this. If he really was just out of jail he should have a parole officer and you should do your best to find out who it is. I don't know what part of the world you are in but in New Mexico the parole officers can make your life HELL if they want to. I have a friend that is a PO and if he has a guy that he thinks is trouble he just rides their ass as long as he can and does everything he can to send them back to jail.

One other paranoid caution, this guy knows where you live and maybe that you are "on to him." He may have even noticed that you took his picture. You may want to take some other precautions for you safety. Just make sure that the doors are always locked and alarm set... that kind of thing. Keep the guns loaded etc... :)

Hope you can bust him!
I'm curious if the police will be able to follow up on this guy. My guess is that he probably stole a bunch of stuff and they probably have a bunch of cases they could solve if they spent a few minutes and traked the guy down. Maybe this guy wasn't the package theif, maybe he was an old fashioned daytime burgurlar or something too.

Just be careful. Chasing guys like them could be a little risky, especially the gun bluff. It would be bad to bring no gun to a gun fight.