How my cameras just saved me $300!

Most folks doing recording seem to use analog cameras with a PC capture card. Was wondering if there are any good recording options for Panasonic IP cameras (besides the software Panasonic sells)?

I have recently purchased this option.

Has anyone else used this software? Seems prety affordable, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Mustangcoupe, how are you liking the software? What types of cameral tdo you have hooked up to it (IP / Analog)? If analog, what type of capture card are you using?

I have a few of the Panasonic IP cameras going to it... The software is ok for the price. As stated above it is affordable..... They have a demo you can download and run for a bit... it does put TRIAL across the video after 1/2 hour I beleive until you purchase it. It dose what I currently need. I will soon be connecting the parallel port up to get it into "arm" mode when I set the elk in away mode. It also does recording based on visual changes. shadows and light will trip it's sensor.