Sonos Amps taking down my network?


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Hello all, new to the community and this is my first post, so I apologize if this has already been discussed .

I recently did an install with a big (ish) Sonos project…

2 Sonos Arc’s (family room, master bedroom)
4 Sonos Amps (1 for family room surround rears, 3 are independent audio zones)
1 Sonos Sub (family room)

Sonos Arc’s were installed at TV locations. Family room TV has an arc, sub, and Amp (2 IC speakers) grouped together for surround sound. The other 3 amps and the other arc are all their own audio zones. All 4 amps are located in an equipment closet that is nearby the networking equipment. We had the structured wiring and available ports for it, so ALL devices were hardwired to the network except for the Sub.

When it was time to setup in the Sonos app, I began with the family room. Got the Arc, Sub, and amp for the rear speakers all connected to the network and grouped together working fine. Then, I went to setup the next amp, and IMMEDIATELY it crashed the network. All Wi-Fi and hardwired devices were struggling to connect to the internet. It took me a while to figure out what caused it, but as soon as I powered down the Sonos Amps, the network came back and began working normally.

My solution was to disconnect all network cables to the amps and connect them to the system wirelessly. This worked fine, but I was curious why that would take the network down/what caused it/ what can I change in the router settings to prevent that from happening. Maybe I’m naive but I’ve been under the impression that it’s best to hardwire devices when possible, not to rely on wireless.

Network equipment that’s being used is an Araknis 110 router (not Wi-Fi) with an araknis 16 port Poe unmanaged switch, 4 Engenius WAPs (EWS377 fit).

Still somewhat a newbie, trying to get better every day. Thanks y’all
araknis? Are you outside the US? Also probably a packet capture might make it obvious. I believe Sonos also prefers dumb switches.
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I also have a large Sonos system. I only have 1 device hard wired. The rest wireless. Never had an issue with this setup.