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    Sonos Amps taking down my network?

    Hello all, new to the community and this is my first post, so I apologize if this has already been discussed . I recently did an install with a big (ish) Sonos project… 2 Sonos Arc’s (family room, master bedroom) 4 Sonos Amps (1 for family room surround rears, 3 are independent audio zones) 1...
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    Network switch not connecting at gigabit speed

    Discovered that a TP-Link switch I have isn't connecting to my pfsense box at full speed - it's getting a 100Mbps connection. So I started looking around as I have several similar switches in rooms where I have more than one network thing attached. Seems to be a common problem with 100Mbps...
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    OmniPro / Eero offline

    Going nuts here and hope the wizards of the forums have some insight.. Was running asus router for a while and among many other problems, i had spotty connectivity with the Omni Panel that primarily was a problem working in PC Access when uploading changes to the panel. I upgraded to EERO mesh...