fishing wire


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Ok, I believe I have tried every method of fishing wire!!!!

I have tried a fish tape, pulling a string back with one of those Looooong drill bits with a hole at the end, pulling the wire back attached to that same drill bit...a chain and washer even just poking that wire through the hole.......

But today I decided to try one of those Fish Stix made by greenlee.

This was the easiest method by far! I usually have to mess around a few times and end up getting frustrated. With the fish stix I was able to pull the zone wire and have it hooked up in about 15 minutes.... this included drilling the holes!

I picked mine up at home depot for about $30.

I Highly recommend it!
2nd. They are awesome, especially if you have fiberglass insulation to deal with!!

Don't get me wrong guys, these work but you should try just a fiberglass rod. I have a set of the Glo Stix and I use the plain fiberglass rod over them 10:1.

You can buy the fiberglass rods from ADI over the counter, they range in lengths from 36" to 72". They are only 1/8" in diameter which means they fit with 22-4 through a 3/8" hole like recessed contacts use. The joints in the fish stix and glo stix always seem to get in my way.

I do use my glo stix when I need to come up from a low box as the fiber rods aren't long enough.

What about gopher pole or grab zit?

Look at Labor Saving Devices, they have tons of goodies. :D
I have a set of those and it's been a real life saver on occation.

Another technique that an electrician taught me was to use a long amount of beaded chain - like a light pull chain or ceiling fan chain. It's small enough to fit through small openings, but it is weighted so it will fall down vertical shafts. It also tends to pool up and flow into a hole (if you don't drop it exactly in the right spot the first time) where a weighted line generally will not. I have about 30' that I use quite a bit.

Of course the beaded chain method only works on vertical pulls - that's why having the fiberglass rods or fish stix work are great for the horizontal pulls.
I purchased one of these, but have not had a chance to try it yet.

Everything in the back of my truck that is metal gets stuck to the case though.