Flash Hates me, and I hate it.


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The title says it all. Flash hates me, and I hate it.

I have 2 PCs that simply will not run Flash. I've tried redownloading it 100x, uninstalling, rebooting, re-installing, changing security permissions to all low, re-reinstalling, uninstalling but not rebooting then reinstalling, and finally, just re-installing plain.

I hate that there's so many dang sites that use Flash - I'm totally S.O.L. on my main PCs that I use. Anybody else have issues installing Flash? What did you do?
I have had it happen before as well, and after a few hours, just gave up and rebuilt the PC. If you do figure this out, let us know.
Will do. Rebuilding the PC isn't an option - it's my dev laptop and my office PC, both of which have more crap on them than you can imagine. It could be something else interfering with it, but given that there's almost zero overlap between the software on both machines it'd have to be 2 different packages both interfering.

It's been like this for 3 months, and frankly we just gave up shopping on websites that require the use of flash. Bad software practice anyhow.

Reason #196 why using unecessary 3rd party software, regardless of how "cool" the developers think it is.
mwhistle said:
I'd recommend trying this uninstaller for Flash. Uninstallers prior to Nov 2006 reportedly don't work anymore.
Also, Madge isn't there a file that Cinemar users use to uninstall and reinstall the correct flash module? I thought that the newer version Adobe tries to put on your machine during an upgrade caused problems (I know this is true for MainLobby users). I just don't mess with this stuff anymore so I am unsure. :)
Thanks for the uninstall guidance. I had already re-downloaded the latest uninstaller, didn't work. BSR - is that what you were insinuating?
Windows ships with an older version of Flash that Bill decided that he didn't like so blocks the older version from running with later service packs.

You will find in the windows\system32\macromed directory some flash.ocx or flash9.ocx files.

Go to Adobe.com and download and install latest flash.
then, go into the above directory and copy the flash9.ocx to flash.ocx (rename the file).

You will then continue to have both flash files, but in reality, only the current version.
thanks for the detailed instructions. Still didn't help, went through all that, can't see any Flash of any sort on my PC.

I'll keep grasping at straws, if you have any ideas, any at all, let me know. Any swag short of reformatting the PC could be entertained.

search for flash*.* to see if you have any other versions registered on the PC in another directory.
Well now I seriously hate and despise flash. I found some other flash.ocx files, was going through those, replacing them/etc. Turns out Intermatic has some tutorial videos on their site, but they're flash-based so I really needed to find a way to view them on *any* dang PC in my house.

Whatever I did killed my development laptop. Thank god I bought the 3yr Dell@Home warranty, and have 12 months left on it. They said my HD is corrupted, and I need a new one. They're sending me a new fully configured HD, hopefully I can pull this out and get my data off it.
Sound like you have other problems other than a simple flash.ocx file.
Doesn't sound like a flash issue. Flash in no way no how will corrupt your hard drive all by it's lonesome.
Although that makes logical sense, literally the only thing I did that night before the crash was to replace those files. Plus that wouldn't explain why I can't get it to work on the other 4 PCs. (just tried the 2 3400's, no love there either).

Anyhow, there's a somewhat happy middle to this story. After getting my new HD in the mail yesterday, I reinstalled XP, and immediately put flash on first. The good news is that if you have a brand new computer with absolutely nothing on it, not even MS-office or photoshop or ..., Flash installs just fine.

Still doesn't work on my office PC, and at this point i'm giving up on it. I can't handle rebuilding that machine, it was just built a few months ago. If we need to use flash, we'll go to the 1 of 5 PCs in my house that it now works successfully on.
thats really weird since Flash Player is probably one of the most popular downloads on the Internet. It's almost a staple.