Freedomotic Open Source Building Automation Need help

for some versions we want to focus our own work on the optimization of the framework features we already have.

We've uploaded a new daily build if you want to try a first draft of the optimization work (
MOST NOTABLE CHANGE: created a new example environment with static background and topology layer over it
created new timed triggers that starts on freedomotic startup (to stop/restart double click on clock plugin)
stomp connnector now works in embedded broker also from LAN
now messages are serialized to XML only when they leave the local JVM (eg: delivered to STOMP clients) otherwise they are dispatched at the same speed as java method calls
rebuild of rest plugin. To test it point your browser to http://localhost:8111/v1/environment/
changed the snap to guide from 25cm to 5cm in environment editing mode
only valid objects are displayed in the list of available objects (click the combobox over the plugin list and choose "Object")
ported light object class to the latest framework version. Light on the map now are "Light" no "ElectricDevice" so you can dimm them.
Also freedom.exe and the related are not in this NOT FEATURED version so to start it you have to go to terminal/cmd and type

java -jar freedomotic.jar

you can try with double click on freedomotic.jar file first but it can fail so you are warned


PS: Some screenshots


Thanks to Enrico's work we've got Freedomotic running on qemu, an ARM processor emulator. Performances are very poor due to the java frontend plugin, but is really not the right frontend for this situation, however we haven't even started to optimize it. To get Freedomotic running on Raspberry pi/qemu follow this tutorial:

and then setup for Freedomotic with

username: pi
password: raspberry
cd /home/pi
cd freedom
sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
sudo startx
sudo sh​

This is just an on the fly test, in the next days I will check it better... NOTE: the first time we've started Freedomotic I get a JRE crash, second trial all ok.

Here some screenshots. Take a look. The complete discussion on our forum is here.

Now another team's member has received his Raspberry so we could test Freedomotic on a real device.

Stay tuned!! If you want to contribute please contact us.
Hi to all,

Freedomotic v5.3.0 is finally out!
It's completely new with many interesting features and improvements.


Now it is more user friendly.
Added a drag&drop environment editor: no need to edit the xml files by hand to define your enviroment.
The objects can now be created and positioned by drag&drop over the environment.
Added a zero-configuration synoptic: a static background image could be used instead of a full description of the environment topology. (For advanced and more detailed environment configuration the vectorial map is still available)


The plugins can be easy installable from a menu without the need of download them manually from the web browser.


Added stomp and websockets connections.
Update the apache ActiveMQ to the last version.
Changed the way automations (scenarios) are defined, now is much easier and intutive thanks to the use of nearly natural language

and much more ....


We have switched to GIT as our main version control system. This allows a better development workflows.
Clone freedomotic at:
Dailybuilds are created with every change. has also changed its aspect. New logo, new web design and a lot of improvements on the documentation.

Discover its potential. Download from

Our community is growing up with new developers, testers and people interested in building automation, so we want to thank you all.

We have enhanced our framework following your suggestions, now it has better performances, many fixed bugs and new features. The developers of our community have recently added new great plugins like:

OpenWebNet Plugin to communicate with MyHome BTicino systems.
The TV Object and the new Pioneer Kuro TV Plugin to control Pioneer TVs via USB.
Souliss Plugin to communicate with Souliss Arduino library
RestApi plugin to expose Freedomotic evironment data using REST services. This is useful for example to create third party frontends
Web client for controlling the framework with a simple browser and much more...

Check out project todo list at and if you want to applicate for a project write on the forum or send a mail to [email protected]

Feedomotic is a collaborative project so we want more people to contribute. We are searching for:

designers (for GUI and project visual layout)
testers (for debugging, improvements, testing on embedded systems)
technical writers (for documentation review)

and anybody who wants to say something about building automation.

Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and share with your friends to help us grow.

If you want to develop for Freedomotic join our developers mailing list at to find kind people ready to help you.

Stay tuned for more news!

Best regards,
Freedomotic Staff