Girder 4 beta finally available to the public!


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It looks like the people at Promixis has been really busy, they posted a download link to the latest beta version of Girder 4. In case you are wondering what's new, here are some of the new features (which might still be under development):
  • Z-wave support
  • Insteon support
  • NetRemote integration
  • and much more.
It looks like there will be an increase in price if you would like some of these features, but it looks like Girder is serious about tackling the home automation world.

Download Girder 4 beta 2
Hi Guys,

Thanks for posting this news!

Here are some of the new features of Girder 4,

* Brand new User interface and Integrated Development environment.
* Event Mapping, no more relearning of events!!
* Conditional Nodes, for easier application control
* Scheduler
* Multithreaded Scripting
* Builtin Weather OSD
* Mouse and Keyboard control from NetRemote out of the box
* Integrated GML downloading and updating
* Multimonitor Control
* Generic Serial Support
* Generic HID Support
* Detailed manual in the works
And much more!

Check out the flyer and don't forget to visit the forum!
Girder 4 Flyer

Girder 4 Forum

- Ron Bessems
Promixis, LLC

Note: The ZWave and Insteon Plugins are in development.
Thanks Ron, looks like you guys are really doing an incredible job!

edit: I just looked at the pdf, the screenshots look great! Do you have any plans on supporting UPB? Would it be possible to show a screenshot of the scheduler (this is something which will be very important in the home automation world)? Thanks!

Currently we are considering UPB, no decision has been made, if there is a market we'll support it.

The scheduler is currently accessible through the scripting language. It has everything from sunset/sunrise to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly triggers. It can do this in any combination you can think of. There is a UI for the scheduler but it is limited in what it can do, so using the scripting for this gives you the full power.
Girder 4! Yay!

My relationship with Girder is a love/hate relationship. Everytime I try to phase it out I find that it does something I need done that my other software won't and I end up tweaking it a little more.

And it looks like now I can get rid of my old, old copy of Housebot since Girder has a scheduler built in. Sweet!

Looks like I spoke too's that sunrise/sunset integration coming? :D

Oh, and here's my vote for UPB.
You will really like the new IDE. Sunrise/sunset are part of the scheduler.

I *think* you will find G4 more of a love relationship. At least that's what we are aiming for :D Feedback appreciated!