Glad Cocoontech is back!!!!

Glad you are back! I missed you!! Was going into CocoonTech withdrawals!!

I know it was frustrating and a lot of hard work, want to say thank you for having the wonderful site

Edit: Just noticed my post count is down over a hundred, I've been demoted back!

Oh well, glad the board is back, and I will post when I feel I have something meaningful to contribute
I know im late but thank god its back... I will be workin hard to restore some lost post over the next few weeks. Please bare with me... Im only going to do the important ones first and the others will come as they are needed.

Everyone please pitch in and post some good questions for us to answer.
Even after the loss, I'm still ahead of Rupp here. However, it's a lot closer now. I guess I'll be behind soon.
Rupp who? ;) Try catching up to me. But only with good quality post. Post that have no meaning are not counted. Write some How-To's, Gather some news, Start compiling a list of words for the glossary that we need to build, Ask good questions, Post pictures of your setup. There are just a few things that make this board so great. Happy Posting!