Great ZigBee interview!


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Electronic News published a very nice and detailed interview with the ZigBee alliance, probably one of the most 'user friendly' articles/interviews out there revealing what ZigBee is all about and how it works. Definitely worth a read!
Electronic News: What is Zigbee and what is the Zigbee Alliance?

Heile: We are an alliance that currently has about 105 applications for membership, and that number is increasing rapidly.

Zigbee fills a void that really wasn't addressed by any of the market spaces. Zigbee is aimed at a space that no other standards cover so we don't even see ourselves as a competitor to Bluetooth or 802.11 or any of those others.
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That's pretty interesting, I have seen many press releases about certain companies doing stuff with ZigBee, but I never posted them here as they were quite technical, I was hoping ZigBee would make it.