HA Technology Comparison Spreadsheet

With so much talk of the Mi Casa Verde Vera 2 Home Controller, I figured it would be on the spreadsheet by now. It is NOT, which either means:

1) someone hasn't put the time in to edit the sheet
2) there are a lot of hardware controllers on the market and this one isn't worthy of being added

If someone more knowledgeable about HA and the community as a whole will take a guess - I would appreciate it? I will go ahead and add it if we're talking #1.
There are plenty of folks with contributor rights but not much activity. Maybe time to come up with a different format to renew interest.
Mike, You may have missed this, I think Dan is working on it...


I hope he continues with technologies also
wow, long time no see mike! Happy to see you are still around.

I am indeed planning on comparing hardware controllers as well, but I am still recovering from creating the software list ;)
Mike, You may have missed this, I think Dan is working on it...


I hope he continues with technologies also
Wow that looks really nice! That is a good way to present a lot of detail in a neat compact format.
I'm a total newbie, and still figuring this out, but unless I have got it wrong, one key distinction between the pc based controllers and the custom hardware platforms, is that the pc based controllers each need an interface with the applicable technologies (like a PLM, example). Where this may be obvious to all you veterans, it took me a while to figure this out. To help us beginners figure out this crucial difference more quickly, I was going to suggest that the technology compatibility cells on the controller page use three codes: Y, N, and Y*, the asterisk to indicate that additional hardware is required for them to actually control that technology.
I'm not sure that's really a difference, to be honest... whether using a dedicated PC or a dedicated hardware controller, they pretty much all need a PLM to communicate with a given technology.
I feel like this spreadsheet has reached the end of it's useful life and I'm looking for the best way to retire it. Is there any data here that is not better represented in other formats? Can I just shut it down or does somebody want to preserve some information from it first? I'd like to close it down by the end of the year.
Well I did point your site to someone this morning.
End of year should be enough time to check for anything to preserve.
Google is telling me my IE8 is getting too old to support the display correctly and urged me to go with Chrome.
I'm not expert enough to feel comfortable posting directly, but if there are any Insteon contributors out there...
  • Screw-in dimmer module; I think one should answer Yes (LED Bulb), OR have a new line for LED Bulb availability
  • RF "Stick a Switch" - isn't the remotelinc 2 configured as a single switch exactly this?
  • There should be a line for Outlet Replacement Dimmer Module, I would think. Insteon has one.
  • Color selection would be white, light almond, brown, black
  • Companion switch for traveler wires: I don't know 100% about this, but I thought that you can use any second insteon switch via the traveler wires to produce the 3/4 way switches, so would this still be a "no"?
  • In general, if I were comparing systems or thinking of moving from Insteon, it would be valuable to have more lines for device types. Basically what's here is lighting and appliance control plus motion sensors. I know Insteon offers a variety of other sensors for freezer, temperature, water, contact - so even it were one row labelled Available Sensors. Similarly, I'd be interested in what other systems offer in the way of thermostats, garage door openers, ceiling fan controllers, etc. Finally, folks not in the US might be interested in a row for 200V accessories.
Thanks for listening!