HA Technology Comparison Spreadsheet

I looked at the spreadsheet but didn't see a row entry for latency.  X10 is plainly slow in that department, but, depending on hops, so can z-wave, especially with earlier generation z-wave chips that run at a low baudrate.  It would be nice to know how the various technologies compare in that department.  Turning on a light switch and having a noticeable delay before the light goes on creates the impression that "something isn't right"--contributing to lower WAF.
By the way, I found the spreadsheet helpful, even though it apparently isn't being maintained anymore (pity).
Hi, everyone. I would like to make a feature request. Can a category be added whatever the technology is open-source or not and whether the API (Application Programming interface) is free or not?
I do have Philips Hue. The API is free, but I have to log in to the developer site to be able to access the API documentation.