Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

I'm in Canada and we had our Thanksgiving a month or so ago. I guess that we're just ahead of our time!

Enjoy the day off while the rest of us work :D
It's your duty as an American to put on a few pounds today, so get to work... Luckily for me, having already put in that work with a vengeance, I'm on the opposite side of the country from family so no temptations to deal with. :D
Jeff, I am the lucky one who happend to be visiting during your thanksgiving and now I am having my second thanksgiving a month later in the US. Your thanksgiving fell on our Columbus day. So we had off work for your thankgiving also. Perhaps its time you cross over.
Happy Thanksgiving,

I envy all you fellows who get a Turkey dinner today.

I can only look at food right now.

(Dieting still- down 47 lbs since Mar 2005 - 3lbs to go - 178 lbs today !)

Enjoy !

Happy Turkey Day to all those that celebrate it! I've got to go take a nap now, the tryptophans are star..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ