Heard of alarmrelay.com?


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I use alarm.com also.... I have a GE concord system I think it is...

question is, has anyone integrated it into a home automation solution. I bought the RS232 interface but have not played with it.

the wireless data is method is great. I get instant noticiation of any zone I care about. And as listed below, if you open a door while system is armed but it doesnt receive a disarm code they call it a "kick in" or something like that type of alarm. and they go through all the normal alarm procedures, text messages and calls.

the monitoring company they use seems really good too. I f'd up once and added a door sensor but put it on the panic zone/group. first time I opened the door it trigged and cops were at my house in about 45 seconds. they were just down the street but I know the call must have went out really fast. and the two times my wife falsed it they called within 20 seconds.

To everyone on these boards, I would highly recommend FrontPoint Security Solutions of McLean, VA (they offer service pretty much everywhere in the U.S.). They offer absolutely TOP NOTCH customer service, use *wireless cellular DATA channels* to communicate from your home to the central station (no cut wires can disable your phone! -- wireless to the CS is the only way to go in my book!), offer the most impressive web (or wireless web via blackberry, etc) control with the most impressive feature set I've ever seen (if you don't believe me, go to Alarm.com and check out the demo), and hands down, offer the best value for what you get in REAL security (meaning security that can't be defeated by simply cutting a phone/dsl/cable line... this is why Internet monitoring, in most cases, is little better than phone monitoring... and you can't REALLY monitor for cut internet lines and dispatch on that... I mean really, every time your Internet goes down you're supposed to rush home and/or dispatch the police... I mean, really?!?). One thing to note: unlike the likes of NextAlarm, which kludges together technologies that only sometimes works the way it should to give you full functionality (like dscline mentions), Alarm.com has built their technology from the ground up, and tightly integrated their technology in a partnership with GE Security. Alarm.com does not offer their technology direct to consumers any longer, so you must go through a dealer, and I highly recommend Frontpoint Security for that. Don't take my word for it... check out all the 5-star reviews they have with a simple Google search on "FrontPoint Security". Then check out their website, also easily found with a Google search.

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