Here since yesterday, thought I'd introduce myself


Hey Guys,

I just found this site yesterday when looking for info on the IO-Data AVeL Linkplayer2 and came across electron's article. I've read a lot of the posts so far and I like the topics and the attitude here!

My name is George and I'm a 24 year old Mechanical Engineer from the UK. I've been living in Shanghai for a couple of years and recently quit my job as a testing engineer for Consumer Electronics big boy Best Buy (telling them which chinese products are good and which aren't).

I'm currently doing a bit of web-design and generally slacking until I go back to the UK in Feb to do a Master's in Industrial Design Engineering.

I don't know anything about HA and currently don't need it in my tiny rented apartment. I might be interested in getting into it once I'm settled.

However, I do know a fair bit about DVD players, Amps, Speakers, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and all things Home Theater. I might be able to post a few comments on these and you guys will mainly see me in the forums regarding this kind of stuff.

See you around!

Welcome, TechTooth. Great to have you aboard. The great thing about this board is the many members with expertise in various areas that are willing to share what they know. I've seen some of your posts and it seems like you will fit right in. As far as automating your tiny apartment, I started this ride by automating my tiny apartment. It isn't about needing to automate. We could all walk the few steps to the light switch. It's about the joy and aggravation that this obsession can bring to your life. I started with one lamp that I wanted to turn on from my car because I lived in a very dark area and didn't want to walk into a very dark hallway. Now I feel cheated and a little lost if I walk into a room and a light doesn't come on; takes a few seconds to remember that there is a light switch I could use. Keep reading and soon enough the bug will bite you too.
Once again, welcome.