I have a 12 year old Omnipro II system. Full security and lighting automation with Lightoleir Compose PLC switches. Several motion detectors that assist in turning lights and such on. Just upgraded board and added a Omnitouch7 screen. I have been working on adding IP cameras and have also added a Bitwise Controller and building touch screens. Just finished creating Theater components controls.  I will be using android 10" tablets. Also added Hai/Leviton wireless receiver. Are there any door transmitters other than the HAI ones that work with it?
I bought some Sonoff DW1 433mhz door sensors and they dont work at all.
Is there any brand you know that does connect to the Hai Wireless receiver?
No I'm not familiar with Leviton wireless system but pretty much all wireless systems use proprietary communications and you need to buy sensors that match the transceiver. I was referring to hard wired sensors.
If you have the 433 MHz 45A00-1 receiver, then I believe that will only work with HAI/Leviton transmitters, as Mike said.
Leviton does have another receiver, the 42A00-2, which is compatible with GE/Interlogix 319.5 MHz transmitters, as well as those from other manufacturers that make GE compatible sensors.
I'm using the Alula NanoMax sensors with the GE/Interlogix 319.5 MHz receiver (42A00), mentioned above.  Picked the NanoMax because it is very small and unobtrusive.  Currently using on both doors & windows.