Ho ho! Concerto Keypads can control CQC!


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Super Super Super Cool! Hats off to Robertmee, and *thank god* I got those concerto keypads, I can now use them to control CQC!

Specifically I've so far set it up so that the next/prev/etc buttons control the CQC CD player, but it looks like you can do buckets with this. I'm going to see how to use the digits to change XM stations. And for that eye-candy, supposedly he's using it put the song information on the keypad when it's changed but only on the keypads in zones that are actually on and tuned to that source. Seems eminently doable. The other supercool thing is that you can detect which zone's keypad was used, so you can build additional logic. For example, I may put a keypad in my kids room, and set it up so that as soon as the zone is turned on via the keypad it's set to XM disney or some such thing.

Very cool stuff.