Home Theater Dimensions


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Hi all,

We're working with our architect on plans for our new home and I wanted to get some input on the size of the media room. I'm familiar with the formulas for making sure the sound field is correct, etc., but am interested in overall size ideas. Minimum size, rectanglular vs. square, etc.

My living room with is 14x24 or so, but I got a feel for what that would be like in my room and the 17' works out real nice. In fact it is right at the point where the room 'separates' as there is a spot behind the couches that I have seen others break the room and try and make the room into 2 'rooms'.

I have a 61' screen with the main viewing area put back 10-12'. The one consideration to think of is heating. I had some leather furniture and the way the heating is laid out it has led me to avoid using one side. I would give some thought to the furniture in general since you have flexibility. I've thought about a sectional (I'm using essentially a love seat and sofa in the primary area) to make use of the space, made of something other than leather to not have to worry about heat wearing it out.

Other than that, it makes a nice room. The extra space past the 14' mark (think that is roughly the back of the couch) is the back of the couch, and frankly going further back unless you are going to do stadium seating may be hard to work with.

Also make sure they run a dedicated circuit to that location. I had to add a 20amp circuit for the theater and a ton of wiring.
We are building a new house right now (walls are up, roof next week) and are going to have a HT that is 15' wide by 22' 7" deep, with a 1' drop in the floor at the second row of seats. We are going to have a bar at the back that extends into the game room and is not included in the 22' 7" depth. I also have a HA closet (more like a small room, about 5' x 10') that will house all the HA and AV gear.