How best to protect a garage?????


Need some help deciding how to protect the garage under the house and the doors into the house from there. There are 5 doors into the garage from the outside. All of these doors are protected with hardwired switches. There is also a hardwired motion detector in the garage. I am confused about the 2 entry doors from the garage into the house. One door is to an elevator. The other door is at the top of the steps leading from the garage to the kitchen. Both protected by hardwire switches. Option one is to put a arming station in the garage. Monitor the 5 doors as delayed entry. Option 2 is to make the doors from the garage into the kitchen and the elevator delayed entry. With option 1 we can enter the garage and disarm the system. Taking our time to unload the car but the delay time would have to be long for us backing in. Or I could use Option 2 and still use the arming station in the garage to disarm. Worry here is about a arming station being outside of the protected area though. I guess I am confused about how to protect the garage area and still be able to enter and leave in a comfortable manor. Any suggestions?
One door is to an elevator...

Wow, you have an elevator!?!? :)

The way I monitor my garage door is have the laundry room door leading into it as delayed entry (30 seconds to arm on number one timer), but I do not have the garage itself alarm the system till it "sees" a closure transition (and it doesn't do this till it sees the laundry room door open after the system is armed). Then on the next open it will go into a delayed entry (number 2 timer). The keypad to arm/disarm the system is in the laundry room.

This way my wife has all kinds of time to load the car and doesn't have to worry about getting out of the garage in a certain amount of time (and the garage can be open or closed at the time of arming).

When the garage opens, I give extra time from the other zones (delay 1) with the delay number two settings. I also give an audio warning (in "code") when the system is down to 30 seconds till alarming. This way we know to 'drop' what we are doing and unlock/open the laundry room door to disarm the system.

I do this with a combination of an Ocelot with certain inputs and outputs tied to my Caddx NX8e security system. Not sure how you would go about this task with an Elk.