How can I reduce the halo affect on an IR Camera


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I have a 54 LED IR camera that's great....although in darkness it has quite a halo effect showing in concentric circles in my pictures. The camera has a foam "ring" around the lens which I believe to be intended to stop direct light from the IR's entering.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the halo?
I have the same issue, and I am planning on getting a few IR pods (Martin sells them) once I have some time.
I have had the same problem with certain models of IR cameras, and what you will find the problem as being is that if the surround (foam ring) around the camera section is not sealed perfectly up to the glass it will cause a halo effect when the IR's turn on at night.

On some cameras the camera pretrudes past the glass to make it impossible for the relection to occur.

The other causes could be an object(s) in close proximity to the camera causing the IR to reflect back into it. Even a rain shield over the camera could cause it, so it is suggested to have the under side painted black which does help.
thanks. I'll try moving the rain shield, and also make sure the foam ring is properly sealed. I'll report back....
just an update on my solution. It was in fact the foam right that had become dislodged from the front glass of the housing. I had it in reversed, and flipped it and it provided a tighter seal. No more halo!

Thanks to all.