[How-To] Create Specific Arm Devices for Caddx


[How-To] Create Separate Caddx Security System Arm Stay, Arm Away, and Disarmed Devices in HomeSeer (Using Nitrox's Caddx Plugin)

by BraveSirRobbin

Many people are using the Caddx Security System in conjunction with HomeSeer using Nitrox's (David Crawford) Caddx Plugin.

Along with your security zones, this plugin will also create three HomeSeer devices which represent the chime, last alarm, and arm state conditions.

One item that users would like is to have separate devices for the arm stay, arm away, and disarmed conditions. This way those devices can easily be used as triggers for other HomeSeer events based on these three separate armed conditions.

This [How-To] will show how to create three HomeSeer devices, one for arm stay, arm away, and disarm conditions, and have those devices change state based on their individual armed status. Important Note: I only tested and used this method on HomeSeer version 1.7.43 and with an older version of the Nitrox plugin (i.e. not the one modified for HomeSeer 2.0). This [How-To] should work fine with the newer software; but, I can not presently test it with those versions.

This [How-To] is not meant as a tutorial on setting up or using this HomeSeer plugin and assumes that you have HomeSeer, this plugin, and all of your devices set and operating properly.

After you installed and setup the Caddx plugin with HomeSeer you noticed that three devices were created other than your "zoned" devices. They were given a default "O" house code, but can easily be changed in the plugin config menu.


-----------Caddx Plugin HomeSeer Devices (Other Than Zoned Devices)-----------

As you know device O3 will show "Armed [Stay]", "Armed [Away]", or "Disarmed". We will create three separate devices for these conditions as stated above.

First, create three "virtual" devices as shown below (select your own unused house and unit codes). Name them as appropriate for these three conditions they will represent.


After completing this step you should have three devices in the HomeSeer device listing as shown below.


Now create a HomeSeer event which will trigger on "Caddx Panel Armed Status" (device "O3" above) which will trigger on a "Change to Any Status" as shown below.


Now create the following script and have this script run with this event (change the house and unit codes to match your device settings).

sub main()

hs.WaitSecs 3

dim s

s=hs.DeviceString("O3")  ' This is the default armed status device
	If s = "Disarmed" then
  hs.ExecX10 "y1", "on", 0, 0

  hs.ExecX10 "y1", "off", 0, 0

	end if

If s = "Armed [Stay]" then
  hs.ExecX10 "y2", "on", 0, 0

  hs.ExecX10 "y2", "off", 0, 0

	end if

If s = "Armed [Away]" then
  hs.ExecX10 "y3", "on", 0, 0

  hs.ExecX10 "y3", "off", 0, 0

	end if

end sub

Now you will have your three new devices change state based on your particular armed conditions. Note that armed status will not update in the Caddx panel until after the exit time has expired :D .

As always, please leave comments and suggestions below. I would also like to thank David Crawford for creating this excellent (and very stable) plugin for HomeSeer! :)

Bkphillips confirmed that procedures described in this [How-To] will work with HomeSeer version 2.0 and Caddx Plugin version 3.0.

Details HERE.

Thanks to Bkphillips for testing this [How-To] and for sharing his results! :D