How to get this Vizia one zone controller in pro


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Ok, rewired the dining room... got power to the the controller which i'll be using as virtual 3-way, but i have reread directions several times, and tried to do this air gap procedure, but to no avil.

When i pop the rocker back in, i get nothing. If i press it (hard enough to get the on off click), just get a quick red flash. using dimmer up/down gets me the same. I see no way to get an amber light to actually enter programming mode. I'd like to reset, but the procedur elooks identical (use the air gap, etc).

thx in advance for any pointers
OK - forgive me - it's 1am...

I finally figured maybe i should pull harder and sure anought that was it. I felt like any further and it would break, but that's not the case.

pull it out past where it's comfortable going and it works as documented.