Humidity/ Temp Board


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Recently received several items from Hobby-Boards, thanks for the quick service.I am using the humidity/temp board outside mounted in a homemade pagoda.The humdity readings are very erratic, I am supplying external power and using Weather Display software, any suggestions? Thanks Gary
Eric, all the other sensors are fine,humidity can bounce from 50% to 100% and back to 60% in a minute or so. Thanks for your fast response. Gary
I'm seeing some of the same unusual behavior on my recently purchased humidity sensor. If you look at my wunderground page you'll how much it jumps around:

The humidity/temp/solar sensor along with my 1-wire weather station were both powered by a serial adapter. (ie. no external power)

It's also inside a pagoda-like enclosure.

I finally assembled my power injector so I'll be seeing if that'll help the stability.

That is really strange behavour. When I get back from holiday next week I will dig into in a bit further to see if I can find any answers.

When I first fired up the 1 wire hub with Weather Display I had both the temperature and humidity readings polling from its actual level to a low level.
This occured only when the wind direction reading changed.

I seemed to have stopped it somehow by obviously ticking the right box in WD.

For your info I have the Master hub powered from a 12 volt supply with the hub and psu in the loft.
The sensors are in a homemade pagoda 3 meters off the ground linked to the hub with 15 meters of CAT 5 network cable and the hub is connected to a Prolific serial to USB adapter via 10 meters standard BT telephone cable.
The only problem is not being able to see the hub to know when Weather display has initialised it properly.
It all seems to work well.