new anemometer board... odd problems


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Just received a new anemometer board, old one fried the voltage regulators.  Now if I plug in the new board, I lose the barometer and humidity gauge, whether I plug that unit in upstream or downstream from the anemometer board.  Using a power injector with Hobby Boards power supply as the first thing in the chain.
Onewireviewer on it's own (this is all fed to WeatherDisplay) pretty much backs that up... anemometer in the circuit, no barometer or humidity, but I do see the rain gauge and station temp unit (at the end of the chain).  Take the anemometer out, I can see the missing sensors.
I also don't seem to find the ROM ID for the wind direction sensor.  This is the Inspeed unit, with the e-vane and anemometer both wired to the anemometer board as per the directions in the manual (and the way I had it hooked before I lost the original anemometer board).  All I see is one new ROM ID, which appears to be wind speed.  Have re-checked all connections to the board and all seems well there, just no new direction ROM.
Any ideas?