I tried everything.....help...please

Like any man, I hate to ask for help. At this point I am humbled and desperate. So here goes. I have M1 with Data Bus Hub, Input and Output Expander located in home. I'd like to add an Area 2 in workshop 150' away with DBH, XIN, XOVR and keypad. I have tried several ways to wire in the 2nd XIN in the workshop and none have worked. I can't get M1 to enroll and show the workshop KP and I get the infamous "no com" error.
Question: can someone please help me wire in the hardware in area 2 and get the terminations correct?
Besides my lack of knowledge, I am totally impressed with this M1 system and what can be done with it. The ELK guys really got it right. :)
thanks in advance for the help,
Hi Fireball,

Need more information please. Elk makes more than one DBH. They have ELK-M1DBH (used with CAT 5 cable) and ELK-M1DBHR (used with 4 wire installations). Which one are you using? Also if you are using ELK-M1DBH then per the Manual make sure all keypads, XIN, and XOVR are not terminated and that your Maximum "TOTAL" Length of the M1 RS-485 Data Bus should NOT exceed 4000 feet. When calculating the total length, figure the length of each home run to the M1DBH times 2 (x 2)
since the data lines run out and back. Maximum number of data bus devices varies by control.)

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Is the DBH in the workshop or in the main building. Assuming its in the workshop, is there one in the main house too? I don't think you can have 2 DBH's unless 1 goes into the other. In the workshop the XIN. XOVR and KP all would wire into the DBH, then the DBH would have the 4 wire bus going to the M1 (or another DBH). Is that what you have? Once we know what is being connected and how we can focus on exact wiring.
Sounds like fireball doesn't have the dip switches addressed properly if the modules/kp's won't enroll.
Thanks for the replies.
I have 2 Data Bus Hubs; one in the workshop and one at the house. Both are cat5 type. I have several cat5's ran out to the shop. I was hoping I could just use one cat 5 out to the shop, then to a DBH and then plug in my Input and Output expanders in to that DBH. My thinking is if you can link on DBH to a 2nd one, it could be 150' away with no problem.
That should work with the CAT5. Now how do you have the keypads and expansion modules addressed?
That should work with the CAT5. Now how do you have the keypads and expansion modules addressed?

At this time I'm just trying to get the KP to work so the expansion modules are not installed yet. The KP in the shop is addressed as #5 as I have 4 KP's in the house.
Check that the cat 5 from M1DBH to M1DBH is wired as a crossover cable.

Well Opie,

I tried a crossover cable as you suggested, and guess what....IT WORKED. At least the KP is working, tomorrow I'll try the expanders. But one thing....how did you know thatsee it's stuff like that, that just don't make sense to me. I read and re-read the manual, searched forums, and just could not get it. Thankfully there are people like you that really knows this stuff and don't mind sharing. Guest that's why it's just a hobby for me.
Thanks again, I'll let you know how the other stuff goes, but I think am on the right track now.
OK, I got busy with other projects, but back to this one. I got the KP #5 in the shop plugged into the data bus hub and enrolled and working fine. Then comes the input expander set to address 3 as I have address 2 expander in the house. I get 5 blinks on it but can not get it enrolled. So, The basic question is; will this work or not?? With the single cat 5 from the house to the shop with input and output expanders plugged into a data bus hub in the workshop. Any suggestions?

thanks for the help on this, it's gonna be fun when it all works. :(